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Help Your MOH by Letting Her Know Her Maid of Honor Duties and Timeline

Jul 21, 2018

Remember that time when you told your best friend (or sister/cousin) that she would totally be your maid of honor in your wedding day. Girl, the day has come, and you two are probably in tears! But of course, back then, you both probably do not know the maid of honor duties and timeline. You were both pretty young then and naïve of all the wedding preparations. 

But fret not; wedding planning may sound daunting but to execute everything with your best friend by your side should make it less taxing. Just think of this as another thesis paper you need to work on just like you did in college for a whole school year (though thesis can still be harder than wedding planning because you do not need to lose sleep here).

Make a checklist for your maid of honor duties and timeline, so both of you can adjust with your own personal timetable. Again, teamwork makes the dream work. Wedding preparation is probably just one to tick off your bucket list labeled with #FriendshipGoals because friends are forever, too! 

Maid of Honor Duties and Timeline: Before the Wedding

Your MOH can be your personal wedding planner but definitely the one you can be most comfortable with. They can listen to you about your wedding design ideas, and they can also provide their own.

Some brides would also like to have their MOH present when they do “The Dress” haunting up to its fittings.

The MOH is the point of contact for the bridesmaids as well. Since one of the primary duties of maid of honor is to organize a bridal shower and bachelorette party, she is also accountable in talking to the bridesmaids, and the people involved about these said events. The MOH should also oversee that bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as their hair and makeup, are cohesive and well put together.

Some guests may also turn to the MOH if they have questions about the registry, the venue, and other wedding plans information.

Maid of Honor Duties and Timeline: Wedding Pre-Ceremony

The MOH usually prepares with the bride and other bridesmaids. She can check all the girls to see if everyone is picture perfect for the occasion!

Aside from the best man, the MOH can also be a messenger between the couple. The two main part of the entourage will deliver a note or a gift to the couples before the wedding and see how each other reacts. Of course, they will report back how the other party takes in the present.

The MOH also makes sure that there is a prepared wedding day emergency kit. It can include fashion tape, safety pins, relievers, and band-aids. It is best to be ready, right?

Usually, wedding planners and coordinators are the ones in charge of all the vendor-related things, but MOH knowing the vendors’ contact information might come in handy for last-minute polishing.

The maid of honor is the bride’s best friend for a reason. They should set the mood calm for the bride when she starts feeling jittery or too emotional on her wedding day. Who wouldn’t be?

The MOH should also make sure that things go smoothly as planned within the given timeframe.

Maid of Honor Duties and Timeline: Wedding Day Ceremony 


Of course, the maid of honor has her own time to shine, and that is during the wedding ceremony as the entourage walks down the aisle.

The maid of honor also does a headcount of the bridesmaid and making sure that everything is in place and organized (just as how the best man does with the groomsmen)

There are instances that the maid of honor holds the bride’s bouquet (apart from her own) when the couple exchanges wedding rings.

Normally, both the maid of honor and the best man take the role as witnesses when signing a marriage license.

Maid of Honor Duties and Timeline: Wedding After Party

Most of the time, the maid of honor helps usher the guests to their seats, or if they have other questions about the program, she can give them a heads up.

The MOH also gives a wedding speech and a toast after the best man. Cue for funny and embarrassing teenage stories to “Sebastian is the answer to my prayers” telltale.

In some circumstances, the maid of honor collects gifts in behalf of the couple.

Even though the MOH is probably tired from the event, she still ensures that there are no more loose ends and everyone is happy—especially her best friend!

Weddings are probably one of the best memories best friends will share for a lifetime. It is essential that you both enjoy it more than to find it stressful. The maid of honor duties and the timeline is just a way to show that friendship does not end just because the other is marrying her other half. Remember, we are made of stars, and some parts of us are scattered to someone else’s’— that debris is our soul sisters. 

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