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Here's What Your Bridesmaids Should and Shouldn't Pay For

Jul 6, 2018


In this world full of fallacy and lies, there is one person who will stand by your side and will always be true and genuine to you – your best friend. Having a best buddy is definitely one of the blessings that you should keep. Nowadays, most women tend to call their best friend soul sister because of so much intimacy that you feel like you are real sisters. 

When your soul sister asks you to be her bridesmaid, it is absolutely touching, thrilling, and overwhelming, right? Imagine your best friend walking down the aisle looking gorgeously with her wedding dress; it is probably the most heartfelt part that any best friend would feel. 

Through thick and thin you are always there for each other, finally you will be able to witness and have a special participation for her Big Day! 

While being asked by your bestie to be her bridesmaid is a great honor, it is also a commitment, and a responsibility. You will start to ask yourself questions like, “What are the bridesmaid duties?”, or “How much will be the cost?” “Is being a bridesmaid an honorary title or a duty?”, or “What should a bridesmaid should not and should pay for?”, and a lot more questions. 

Fulfilling the bridesmaid duties might be challenging but you should make time and effort for your best friend despite being busy in your adult lives. Since you treat your best friend as your sister, you feel the need at least to cover some expenses for her special day. To give you some pointers, here are some essential things about what the bridesmaid should and should not pay for. 

Bridesmaid Should Pay For 

It is obvious that one of the bridesmaid duties is to offer a helping hand and to be a personal assistant of the bride. But if you set aside budget for your best friend’s wedding day, you should pay for the following: 

1. Throw a Bridal Shower
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Traditionally, it is one of the bridesmaid duties to throw a party for the bride-to-be especially if you are financially stable to finance the celebration. Otherwise, you can just make a simple event for your best buddy. It is always the thought that counts after all. Normally, it is a gathering of closest girl friends and relatives and a simple chit-chats and a toast for the bride-to-be. 

2. Wedding Attire and Accessories
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It is also a tradition that the bride chooses wedding dress for her bridesmaid. Oftentimes, she will choose one color for all depending on the motif of the wedding. Some brides give you the freedom to pick but they would ask you not to show up in sweatpants or square pants and the like. Well, it entirely depends what your bestie is into. There are some weddings that the bride and the groom prepare the dresses and suits for all the invited guests. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to pay for your wedding attire and other accessories. 

3. Bridal Gift

It is up to you if you still like to give your best friend a gift. Usually, a simple gift is enough and well appreciated by the bride. It is part of the bridesmaid duties to fulfill and give efforts for the wedding party of the bride. 


Here are the things that the bridesmaid should not pay for.

1. Offer Assistance in the Engagement Party

It is not part of the bridesmaid duties to throw an engagement party but you should at least offer a helping hand if there’s anything you can help with.


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Perhaps, you can make an invitation, prepare some decorations. But remember that you should not pay for this, just offer assistance. 

2. Wedding Day Transportation

In tradition, it is the responsibility of the bride and her family to cover up for the expenses of wedding day transportation (from hotel accommodation, wedding ceremony and wedding reception) for all the guests and the wedding party.


Oftentimes, it is in the discretion of the bride and the groom who will pay for this expense but the bridesmaid got nothing to worry about this. 

3. Hair and Make-Up

If the bride insists that your hair and make-up should be done professionally, you do not have to worry about as your best friend will pay for you. Otherwise, a simple hair and make-up will do. 


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One of the biggest bridesmaid duties is to ensure that the bride is having the time of her life and you are in-charge of it. It is your duty to make the bride enjoy the wedding celebration. Giving and offering your precious time and full effort is the best gift that you can give for her Big Day. 

Having a best friend forever or BFF who you entrust so much is a great feeling knowing that you have a shoulder to cry on, someone who you can always count on. Being part of her most  special day of her life is certainly worth every effort and time. Bridesmaid duties are fulfilling and you may not consider it as tasks at all. That’s what friends are for, anyway.

Did this article helped you on your wedding planning journey? Tag your bride squad for more suggestions or share this and comment down your ideas below! 

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