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How And When You Should Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Apr 4, 2018

Giving a tip means giving a reward to someone who did a great job.  Saying thank you for a vendor who went beyond their contract isn’t enough, right?  If you saved a budget for tips the next thing you should know is how and when to give it to your vendors.

imageImage Source (The Sweet Harmony Destination Gardens)

 1.       Wedding planner

Your wedding planner won’t expect a tip from you because they are just doing their job, helping you out with your wedding.  If they gave you a huge discount you can give them 10% to 20% for their great work.

 2.       Catering

Most caterers are already including their service fee in the bill.  Before giving each and every one of them reread your contract first.  If it happens that there is no service fee included, you can give them 15% to 20% discount.

 3.       Officiant

They don’t accept tips because it is their pleasure to wed you.  You can give them 2,500Php to help the church and the officiant especially if they will not charge you.  FYI, officiant and church fees are a bit pricey and if they offer it for free you must be really special.

imageRemus Photography

 4.       Ceremony staff and reception staff

You don’t have to give them anything if you don’t feel like, it is really up to you.  But if you have a budget and they have really been helpful you can give them 1,000 pesos including the delivery staff.

 5.       Photographer and videographer

If they are not the owner and only works for a company you can give them 2,500 as a tip.  They are the ones who will capture every special moment in your wedding, you might as well be nice to them.

 6.       Band or DJ

They will make your wedding a blast by their music.  Just think about all the heavy equipment’s they are going to carry in and out of their trucks.   Giving them a 10% to 15% will be a big thing for them.

imageL'Aquinum Garden

 7.       Florist

If they gave you fresh flowers and a beautiful flower arrangement, we cannot why not!  You can give them at least 10% to 15% tip.  Just imagine how difficult it is to cut flowers and arrange them in an arch or a wreath.

 8.       Hair and make-up

If you are satisfied with your look and you really did transformed into a flawless bride give those magical hands some tips!  They deserve it!

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