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How Blogging Can Help Your Wedding Business

Apr 16, 2018

Anyone can blog, whether you are a student, a doctor, a chef, a wedding planner, you name it!  And there are people who get paid for blogging. But how can blogging help you, anyway? Is it necessary to make one?  Here are the reasons why blogging can help your wedding business.

  1. Blogging is your PR



To those who are just starting, and is having a hard time to pay people to advertise one’s self in the mass media, creating your own blog might just be the first practical step to jump-start your business. The blog you will be all about you and your wedding business, all the important information written down by you. And who knows your wedding business more than you?

Make your blog your own, personalize it, create it in such a way that you connect towards your customers because of your passion. “People love what other people are passionate about,” as what was said in the 2017 film La La Land. Patronize you, advertise you. Your blog is your home.

  1. It’s the most convenient way to connect with customers

Why? Because it's online. In a world where social media is a huge influencer, blogging can be of great help. In your blog, you can write down your basic contact information and even your work emails for a more convenient way of handling potential customers. Instead of them having to visit you in person to only inquire, it will save you both some time. And convenience and easy transactions win the heart of the people.

  1. It can help answer questions and give tips beforehand.


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This reason is highly effective for first-timers. Putting up a section for Frequently Asked Questions on your blog can actually go a long way for first timers to educate them on simple things they need to find out.

You can catch people’s attention by also providing tips and informing them about the background of your business, like the friendly neighborhood wedding business Spiderman you are.

  1. It gives your social media a real job.

To advertise and to inform is one of the purposes of social media. By blogging, you give your social media a purpose; a purpose to inform your customers, to keep in touch with them, and to make their transactions easier. It doesn’t only benefit you as a blogger but it also benefits your customers with convenience.

  1. It helps keep your clients and potential clients updated.


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The beauty of social media is that it keeps you updated wherever you go. It doesn’t let you miss out on important things. Your customers could follow or sign up for your blog which will give them easy access to information regarding the updates on your blog instead of having to check your blog from time to time. It helps you keep a close connection with your customers as well. And business is nothing without customers.

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