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How Much Time Do Your Guests Need to RSVP?

Apr 19, 2018

Crucial to every wedding planning is the head count of everyone you expect to come to your event. With that, it's not only the sending out of invites ahead of time that's important. Once you've sent out all the wedding invites, the next logical thing to do is to keep track of the RSVP cards. It's going to be one big challenge tracking RSVP cards with no time frame. So, here's the big question: how much time do your guests need to send back the RSVP? Here are what the experts say.

Standard rule:

Experts say that four weeks is sufficient for your guests to receive the invitation and send back the RSVP cards. The deadline for the responses can vary depending on the type of wedding about to be thrown, but it most certainly should fall between three to four weeks from the day the invitations were sent.


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Time frame for local weddings with a majority of local guests

Caterers usually ask for a final headcount 10-14 days before the day of the wedding. With that, it would be wise to start mailing the invitations four weeks or approximately a month before your wedding. The deadline, in this case, would be three weeks from the day you send out the invitations. People living nearby your wedding venue will most likely be able to send the RSVP card within three weeks. With that, there will be a one week allowance for people who wants to send a last minute RSVP.


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Time frame for destination weddings

Just as the term implies, destination weddings are held in remote places. With that, you would need to send out the invitations 12 weeks in advance. You're not just giving your guests time to send our their RSVP cards. It's also crucial to give them an allotted time to prepare travel appointments.

Your guests need sufficient time to look at their calendars, make arrangements for hotel and travel, and send out the RSVP cards. Sending out the invitations 12 weeks ahead of time will give them the luxury of time to do that.



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