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How Much Would It Cost to Hire a Florist?

Jun 18, 2018


Pretty soon, you are going to tie the knot with the man or woman of your dreams. This calls for a celebration, but not just any celebration. You have to make it perfect. Whatever your definition of perfection is, it is going to need several flowers for the finishing touches. Whether you are in for a simple or grand celebration, the right floral arrangement will add magic to your fairy tale romance. Unlike fairy tales, you don't have a fairy godmother to make your perfect wedding celebration come true. What you do have is a florist. 


So, you have thought of the flowers in the past. They come with a cost. Hiring a florist would cost you more. The average wedding florist cost is a bit high. Being on a tight budget, you probably want to skip on hiring the florist. Besides, you can always buy from a flower shop that sells flowers at a competitive cost. With the numbers of friends and relatives that you have, you can always tap them to give you a hand on flower arrangement. Well, that’s manageable but not a guarantee. 

Why should you hire a wedding florist?

Don’t focus on the average wedding florist cost. Know how vital florists are. Florists sell and arrange flowers and plants. They are very knowledgeable and skillful about flower arrangement. From which flowers would best fit in your theme to how to handle these delicate masterpieces to be at their best shape on your big day.


There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to flowers (aside from average wedding florist cost). Before we come to numbers, let’s settle first on the top reasons why you must hire a wedding florist.

1. Flowers are delicate

You should know the proper way of handling them or else the rest is history. You may get to secure the flowers and supplies and do a decent flower arrangement, but you might not get the most vibrant array on your wedding.


Handling is tailored to the requirements of the flower. Some flowers have a certain temperature, light, moisture standards. Failing to follow this would be disastrous on your day. Instead of adding beauty to the occasion, they end up to be eyesore. 

2. Picking the right flowers and display

It’s best to know and have the flair to come up with an eye-catching display. As you see, flowers in general are beautiful, but using them altogether for different purposes is another thing. A flower may look good on a centerpiece, but awkward in a wedding bouquet. Although creativity knows no bounds, there are basic things that apply to flower arrangement.


You need to be well-versed with all these or else you risk yourself of disappointment. Aside from this knowledge, it’s only a lot (I mean lots and lots) of experience in flower arrangement will make one an expert at this craft. You can’t be a florist overnight.

3. Save time and effort

Though this is mentioned as no. 3 but time and effort can’t be understated. In fact, these are one of the most important elements to consider in events rather than the average wedding florist cost. When hiring a florist, you only need to come prepared with the theme and look and voila, the florist will turn your ideas into reality. Whether your wedding is months away or a month from now, it is important that you make wise use of time and effort. Avoid getting stressed out. These may just be flowers but they are not easy as they seem to be.


Take care of more important things. Make the best of your time. Save your efforts in other things that need to get done. 

What is the average wedding florist cost?

Good thing you’ve asked. It means you have understood how vital florists are. That you’ve considered hiring one. Average wedding florist cost? That might be hard to answer. Different people have different requirements from the type of flowers to use to specific arrangements. It is also dependent on the number of guests, types and volume of flowers used other décor materials and details, and the season on which you are availing for such services.


The good news is, prices are flexible. The cost would depend on what you want for your wedding. It can also be managed around your budget. What’s more, the florist has good packages that you can choose from. Best advice? Talk to as many florists as you can. Know their packages. Suggest and pick the most suitable one for your event and for your budget. Get the best quotes and negotiate. Sign a contract.


Currently, average wedding florist cost play around Php30, 000-100,000 ($580-1,970). That may mean, you should set aside some amount, but the fact is, you really need one and that it will be worth it.

Don’t risk for ‘what ifs or I should have’ in the future. Hiring a florist will surely save you from all the possible troubles (not to mention stress) when things don’t turn out the way you want it to on your wedding day. Know the average wedding florist cost and book an appointment with your florist today.

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