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How To Avoid Ruining Your Friendship Because of Your Wedding

Feb 14, 2018

It may sound ridiculous to you but other brides have told their stories about how their friends or even their best friend ruined their very own wedding.  Today we are going to discuss the reason why and how to avoid it so read on!  It is better to have a heads-up!


 1.    You will be asked to spend a lot of money

As a bridesmaid, the bride will ask you to buy the dress or this and that and it will totally ruin your budget!  Unless you have a good pay and you can afford everything.  But some bridesmaids don’t, and they usually end up having financial problems during the wedding planning. 

 To avoid ruining the friendship, if you know that there will be a huge money that will be involved, pick a bridesmaid that is will to spend few of their savings for your wedding.

 2.    Expectation really ruins everything

The bride will tell you everything she wants in her wedding, even the tiniest detail!  She will expect you to make her dream wedding come true.  And that will be more difficult if your bride is a perfectionist!

 For the bride, yes, we know you want a perfect wedding that is why you chose this group of friends to help you out.  But keep in mind that no one is perfect and there will be some mishaps we cannot prevent.  And that is totally fine!


 3.    Anger management

Wedding planning is stressful not only on the part of the bride but also for the bridesmaids.  If you are having some misunderstanding with the bride, talk about it, do not let it become bigger and bigger.  It will just get worst!  Channel your emotions and control your anger.

 The bride should not be insensitive to how her bridesmaids are feeling.  They, too, are getting stressed just like you!  So if you are having a misunderstanding with them, take a deep breath, talk about and go get some relaxing massage!  Take care of them just like how they take care of you.

 4.    This cannot mend a broken friendship

If you think that this will bend the broken friendship that you have with your childhood playmate, it won’t!  This can be the trigger to make your friendship over.  Because both of you will be going through a lot of work and stress.  It is better to have someone that you don’t have any issues with.

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