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How to Balance Your Career and Wedding Planning

May 10, 2018

The times have changed for today’s women. Though society still has a long way to go, there is no guarantee that many women can now stand on par with men. More women are working and providing for their families than before, and it seems that nothing can honestly stop them. That is until they get engaged. Once a lover puts an engagement ring on a woman’s ring finger, the next couple of months will only spell hell for the couple. Besides the ceremony, they will have to pick the venues for their wedding and wedding reception, the decorations, the catering, the flowers, and the guests. With the pre-existing stress of a flourishing career, planning the big day adds a whole other burden, but with the right balance and attitude about things, then living out your job while planning your wedding will be possible if not doable.

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Time Management    

One of the best ways to balance your career and your wedding planning is time management. Start planning far ahead of time. Though you and your future spouse may only just start throwing ideas, in the beginning, these ideas could take hold as a substantial part of your big day, so keeping tabs on such suggestions is a good idea.  You have to time things right for your wedding to happen the way you want it to, so give yourself a particular time frame to follow that should work well around your work schedule. You do not want to have to choose between your career and your wedding, so filing for your leave of absence as well as a pleasant and efficient schedule should keep you on track without you having to sacrifice your sanity or your energy.

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You now have this little schedule to help keep you on your feet while you balance your work and your wedding planning, but that does not mean you have to do all the work. You need to split the work if you want things to be done faster and more efficiently. Besides dividing the tasks with your fiancé, you can also hire people like a wedding planner who could do some of the work for you. You have your family and your bridesmaids to help you while your fiancé has his family and his groomsmen, so you have all the help you need and more. You still need to micromanage them, but at least their ‘jobs’ in planning your wedding will have you working less with even lesser worry.

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You got time to manage and people to micromanage, so now you have to manage the budget that you’ll be working with. What, you think you could go all out on your wedding day? Not if your budget says you could. Your budget may limit you to your choices, but this will save you money for life after the wedding. You don’t want to be broke blowing off all your money on one day, so budgeting is wise not just for you but also for your future family.

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