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How to Become the Best Best Man in 10 Minutes!

Feb 8, 2018

Gents!  If you are chosen to be the best man for your brother or your best friend it means you are their partner in crime!  It also means that you are capable of helping him through tough and easy situations that is why he wants you to be part of the wedding.  But do you already know your responsibilities?  No?  Well, we got you!

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•    Help the groom buy or rent his formal wear.  Coordinate with the groomsmen because all of your needs to have a matching outfit on the big day.

•    With the help of other groomsmen, organize the bachelor party.  Or even host it!  But don’t forget to tell them that the bill should be split.  Same as the bachelorette party for the bride.

•    Attend the rehearsal dinner.  You should not miss the rehearsal dinner!  This is the part where you will know when to walk and where to stand and sit during the ceremony.  Plus, when to give out the rings!

•    Be his brother or best friend.  Just simply be yourself when he’s getting nervous or stressed out about the wedding planning.  Be his confidant.

•    Make sure that the groom and the groomsmen are all ready and presentable before going to the ceremony

•    Keep the wedding rings until the wedding vows. Make sure that your pockets don’t have holes!  It will be much better if you have a small pouch for it.

•    Sign as a witness in the marriage contract.

•    Give the officiant his fee that is inside a sealed envelope.

•    You should offer the first toast at the reception.  Remember that day in college when you both used to- yeah?  Don’t mention that.  And no inside jokes!

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•    Welcome and guide the guests to the reception.  Better yet, mingle with them, have a short chat and make sure they are having a good time.

•    Do not forget to dance with the bride, maid of honor, mother of the bride and the mother of your best friend/your mom.

•    Collect the gifts and cash that the guests may bring and ask the bride and the groom beforehand where they want to place the items.

•    Decorate the getaway car with the gang!  Ask the groomsmen and the bridesmaids for help!

•    Make sure that the vendors are already paid before the big day comes up.

•    Make sure the bride and the groom has a car ready when they leave the reception.

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