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How to Bond With Your Future Sister and Brother-in-law Without Any Pressure!

Jan 30, 2018

Aside from getting the trust of your future spouse parents, let us not forget his/her siblings! These are the persons he/she grew up with and spent most of his time so you should not neglect them. They are the ones who can help you if you are having a misunderstanding or if you want to surprise him/her for her birthday. So to tighten that bond we have here some creative ideas that you can try!

imagePhoto by Jervy Santiago Photography

1. Cook dinner with them

At one point or another, your husband or your wife will miss their family recipe for specific food and the best way to learn that family recipe is to bond with his/her parents or siblings.  In this way they will feel that you are interested to learn their family traditions and likes, they will not have a problem asking for your help.

2. Workout Together

Be healthy together with your future spouse!  If they are getting ready for the wedding, too, you might as well ask them if they would like to hit the gym or go for a run in the morning.  And maybe you can grab breakfast together?  You can also continue this bonding even after the wedding.

 imagePhoto by Tim Medrano Photography

3. Spa dates

This applies to sister in laws. Have massages together, mani and pedi, or a hair treatment.  She can be the sister that you’ve always been wishing for (if you are the only girl in the family).  Treating yourself with relaxing activities is the best way to bond with someone because you will have all the time in the world to talk about everything.

4. Spend vacation together

A short trip to a nearby beach or go mountain climbing.  If you both love outdoor activities you will instantly click with a short vacation.  We are sure that your spouse will allow you without any further questions.

5. Double date

Coffee date with your spouse and his siblings, shopping or even hunt for the best xiao long bao in town together. Through a double date, you are strengthening the bond of both parties at the same time!

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