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How To Find The Best Hotels To Accommodate Your Wedding Guests

Nov 15, 2018

One great thing about destination weddings is that you can focus most of your wedding budget on making your big day as grand as it can be.  

Sure, a typical wedding held at your hometown seems to be the more practical approach. For one thing, it saves you the trouble of looking through multiple locations for your wedding.

On the other hand, it also lets you keep your wedding guest list at a minimum. Surely, not everyone will free their schedule to attend a destination wedding.

Some people believe in the saying "the more, the merrier", but there are also happens to be a good number of brides who appreciate a much more private wedding.

What better way to achieve this than through a destination wedding? Of course, people planning to attend your wedding won't do so if they're only going to be there for a couple of hours. They'll most probably wait until the wedding party's all over.

In that case, you can bet they're going to need a place to stay so they can stagger into bed as soon as the fun's over. No one wants to go for a long travel after a wedding.

Giving your wedding guests a hotel room accommodation is a big plus. They can relax, have a good time, and they won't have to wonder where they're going to stay for the night.

Here are 10 tips to look for the best wedding accommodation.

1. Look For Hotel Accommodations That Are Close To Your Wedding Venue

You need to research the best wedding accommodations within your area. You want to give your wedding guests a place where they can stay, but you also want your guests to feel comfortable. In line with that, it might be a good idea to look for a wedding accommodation that's nearest to your wedding venue. You can book a room that's a taxi away, but if you can look for one that's just a walking distance away from your wedding, that would be great. We advise you to look at different hotels. With that, you'll see some variety in the inclusions as well as the price range.

2. Stick Within Your Wedding Budget

While some of your guests might be willing to pay for their own room accommodation, if it's a destination wedding where only your closest friends are relatives are invited, you can squeeze the hotel rooms into your wedding budget. While it might seem like a good idea to splurge on the wedding accommodation, know that by booking a budget-friendly wedding accommodation, you can use your capital for other things such as wedding entertainment or a glamorous wedding gown.

3. Look At The Size Of Your Wedding Guest List

You should think about the number of people you have confirmed to attend your wedding. If you're expecting a lot of out-of-town wedding guests, you might as well look through hotels that are big and can offer a lot of rooms. However, if you have a shorter guest list, you can opt for smaller hotels and inns.

4. Visualize What The Hotel Rooms Look Like

When booking a hotel room for your wedding guests, you want to ask yourself if it's a place you'd feel comfortable sleeping in. If not, you might want to look at other hotels. Keep looking until you find a hotel that you find comfortable. If it's not a place where you can relax and rest, then your wedding guests probably won't find it a comfortable room either.

5. Make Sure The Hotel Is Available On The Days When You Need It

You might want to check on other events happening in the hotel on the day of your wedding to look at the possibility of having the rooms overbooked.

The best choice would be to book the rooms immediately, but if you can't do that, you can speak with the manager to see how long he can have the rooms reserved until you can come back to officially book them.

6. Think About The Amenities You Want To Prioritize When Booking Hotel Rooms

While it definitely would be a good idea to have a swimming pool, fitness center, or beach access in the hotel for the enjoyment of your wedding guests, these aren't absolute necessities.

We think you should look for hotels that have cable TV, parking, and most importantly internet access (otherwise, how will they be able to upload photos from the wedding).

7. What Are Your Wedding Guests' Transportation Options?

You can rent a bus for your wedding guests, but there are some hotels that offer free transportation if you reach a certain number of rooms booked. You don't necessarily have to shoulder the transportation of your guests, but this is still something you might want to look into since it can boost your guests' convenience.

8. Have Your Wedding At The Hotel Itself

If you're not a fan of beach, rustic, or barn weddings, perhaps you'd consider having your wedding at the hotel you booked for your wedding guests.

Whether it's for the wedding itself, a post-brunch celebration, or your rehearsal dinner, a hotel can be an excellent venue for wedding-related events.

For one thing, hotels are equipped with staffs who can help make the event more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

9. Ask The Hotel For Additional Services

Some people like giving out welcome bags to their wedding guests. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker but if you want to follow suit, you can ask the hotel manager in advance if his staffs could hand out the welcome bags. This makes things more convenient for you, but if the hotel declines, you can always hand them out yourself at the rehearsal dinner.

How To Make Your Wedding Guests Feel At Home At Your Wedding

 We talk about wedding accommodations, but what’s really important here is making your guests feel at home and appreciated for coming to your big day.

So apart from the pointers we gave you above, we also want to end this article with some tips on how to make your wedding guests feel right at home in line with the fact that they came all the way from their hometown to get to your wedding.

Let Them Know All The Essential Wedding Details

Wedding guests are usually as excited as the bride. With that, it might be a good idea to give them all the necessary details about the wedding to avoid letting them guess then answers.

After sending out the wedding invitations, you might want to send an email letting your guests know the essential details about the wedding such as the wedding date, venue, theme, start of the program, and many more.

Do Your Best To Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

No matter what happens, you are sure to have the time of your life at your wedding because you’re the bride, but it might not be the same for your wedding guests.

With that, one of the challenges at your wedding is to make sure your guests always have something to do.

For instance, you could have a welcome party before the start of the rehearsal dinner. It shouldn’t have to be anything fancy. You can have a band perform live on your wedding to make up for the time it takes to switch from one activity to the other, but you can just make sure that there isn’t too much time between your reception and ceremony.

If you find that there are lots of guests arriving before the wedding day, you can always try to set up a gathering the night before so you can already start greeting your wedding guests.

You might also want to gather a list of entertainment centers in the area such as a theatre, mall, or even top restaurants near the wedding venue.

Try To Get Some One-On-One Time With All Your Wedding Guests

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Maybe you’ve already covered all the entertainment for your wedding, but remember the main reason these out-of-town folks came to your wedding in the first place. They came because they wanted to see you.

You can start by mentioning in the cocktail hour how much it means to you that all of them are gathered today at your wedding.

On top of that, from time to time, you could perhaps hop table to table so that you can socialize with all your wedding guests.

Looking for a comfortable and convenient wedding accommodation for your wedding guests is only one way to make people happy and comfortable on your big day. If you need help looking for wedding vendors, we can team you up with our partners. You can browse them by clicking here or simply drop by our office at Unit 312 C2 Bldg. Bonifacio High Street BGC Taguig City so our wedding planners can guide you in finding the best offers.

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