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How to Get Wedding Leads Using Instagram

Aug 7, 2018

Wedding Instagram is one way to enhance the business potential and increase its profitability. In weddings, photography plays a significant factor for vendors and professionals to get clients. It's just a mere photo. However, if done correctly, you're bound to convert leads into actual sales. 

1. Only Share Photos That You Took Yourself

Only post original photos. Some people are fond of sharing photos they like online, even when they weren't the ones who took the photo, but if you do this for commercial purposes, you can face serious jail time. 

Even if you did manage to pay for these images and fix all legalities, people would still find the same images scattered all over the internet, making you look like a cookie cutter type of person; you know someone who has little to no originality? 

2. Post Only Your Best Shots 

If you want to entice prospects to book a wedding through your services, make it a point to curate a perfected image of your products and services. The first things people will notice in your Instagram is your profile photo, bio, as well as the most recent images you posted on your account. Make sure that these are good enough to capture people's interest.

Your profile photo should be no other than your company logo but if you want to make yourself known as a person of expertise rather than a company, you might as well choose a professional-looking photo of yourself as your display picture. 

3. Promote and Network

If you had a little help from other professionals, mention them in the post and give them credit. Competition is a crucial aspect in every business, but connections are of greater importance. There are some people you compete with and there are also ones who you should consider as allies.

4. Strategically Use Hashtags


Hashtags are critical. Target hashtags correctly and you'll drive the right prospects into your Instagram profile. Come up with hashtags that can kickoff a conversation. One example is something like #WeddingFAQs every Tuesday night (or any days, really) where people can ask questions, and you can answer them on the spot.

5. Build Relationships 

Use captions to spark conversation and engagement. However, captions alone will not help you build a relationship with your prospects. While you want people to swarm your Instagram profile, prospects also expect you to be responsive. Don't let a single comment go unanswered. Make people feel that their concerns matter to you. 

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