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How To Have A Perfect Speech For The Wedding Day

May 22, 2018


Who Delivers the Speech?

Wedding days are usually about the couple, but it is tradition to let the parents, maid of honor, and best man to deliver their speech as well. Usually, it is the maid of honor and best man who first delivers the speech, followed by the parents of the groom, then the parents of the bride. Meanwhile, the bride and the groom would be the last people to deliver the speech. But regardless of who will be delivering the speech, this article will discuss how to have a perfect statement for the wedding day.


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Tips for Coming Up with the Perfect Wedding Speech


Speaking in front of so many people can be hard, but it is even more difficult if you don't prepare your speech first hand. Perhaps you'd want to lighten up the mood a funny story. Doing so will be much easier if you prepared earlier.  Once you get the audience's attention, you can start off with the more serious notes. 

Writing your own speech can also be a piece of work, especially for first timers. Here are some tips to make sure that you are set in the right track in creating your speech.

Write It Down

Just write everything down. Anything that comes to your mind, don't be afraid to write it down. You don't have to worry about proper sentence structure at this time. The purpose of jotting everything down is to get your ideas into writing. 

Writing a speech is rather easy. What makes it a bit challenging is organization. You can create ideas in five minutes, but crafting a structure and style for your speech is another story. If you try to brainstorm and organize at the same time, it will take a while before you have an output. Even then, you will still have to edit the draft for consistency, in which case the process can take lots of time. 

By letting all your ideas out first before creating the structure, not only will you be more productive, you will also be able to save all your best ideas. 

Have an Idea of Who the Guests Are


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Communication is a rather tricky art. One speech delivery may be effective for this particular group, but it does not mean that the same strategy will have a similar effect on a different audience. 

With that, prior to editing and structuring the speech, you need to investigate what kinds of people will show up on the reception. Will they be filled with young people, professionals, or a mix of both?

Make Sure People Can Hear You

It is important to elicit a response from an audience after you deliver the speech. It is a good sign that people understood and appreciated your statements. This has become a common standard in speech creation that some people mistakenly think that they were not able to do their best if the audience becomes quiet after their speech. 

While the above explanation is logical, it is also possible that the audience simply could not hear your statements, resulting to dead silence at the end of the speech. With that, before beginning your opening statements, you might as well do a mic test to see if even the people at the back can hear you clearly.

State the Relation to the Couple and Share Some Great Memory About Them

If you are the maid of honor or the best man, it is important to first let the audience know about your relationship with the couple whether you are a close friend or a sibling. Doing so will put you in a better position to share a memorable account that you have had with engaged parties. 

Don’t Forget to Offer Pay Praise and Tribute


After delivering a short account of your memories with the bride or groom, it's time to give them praise and greetings for their marriage. When delivering a wedding speech, the primary goal is to give the couple props for the new milestone that they reached. With that, just make your personal reflection short, and focus more on highlighting the couple. 

Don’t Rush It

Some people are not used to speaking in front of many people, and thus they tend to finish their speech quickly. While cases of stage freight will make you want to leave the platform as soon as possible, it is not going to help in bettering your speech delivery. By planning your speech first hand, not only will you be able to impress the guests, you will also boost your self confidence. 

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

People usually get nervous when they are diving into something that they are not prepared for. The trouble with having stage freight is that you tend to keep bay from practicing, mainly because you're not confident about doing a speech. 

While doing this lets you escape your fear of public speaking for a short time, it will not really do anything to boost your speech performance on the day itself. Know that if you find public speaking a challenge, the main reason for this is your lack of practice. When the time is right, writing and delivering speeches will be a piece of cake. 

Have Fun

While you need to take your speech seriously, the most important thing is to have fun. Indeed, the binding of two people as one, is a sacred ceremony, all the same, everyone there, including the guests are there to have some fun. 


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Creating and delivering speeches may not be that easy, but only if you come unprepared. Allow yourself to study what kind of audience you will be facing. This will let you prepare the perfect speech for the big day

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