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How to Include Your Loved Ones in Your Wedding Planning

Jun 22, 2018


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Most of the times, the brides-to-be like to take charge in the wedding preparations. They always think, “I need to plan my wedding”. The first instinct is not to get help from relative or friend. The reason zeroes in on the fact that all brides want to plan their wedding hands-on.

While wedding most people prioritize budget preparation, picking the best location, and choosing the best wedding dress and suits , deciding on who will have a role in your wedding should also be on the list.

Your wedding is a special occasion where you and your true love will unite as one. It is not just about celebrating the love and affection as a couple but also about the two families coming together. There will certainly be a ton of work to do on your end, but did you know that you can get your families involved in your “plan my wedding” project? If not, we have got you covered. 

Give Each Family Member Special Roles on Your Big Day

Nowadays, couples do not stick to the tradition on who will be fit for the part in their wedding ceremony. If you do not have enough budget or the right person to fill a role, you may take a non-conventional way in designating titles.

Best Man and Maid of Honor. These are the two roles that are very conventional for all weddings. The best man of the groom and the maid of honor of the bride are commonly the best friends or the closest family member of the couple. The duties of the best man and the maid of honor are to assist anything that the bride and groom might need. They are also accountable for taking care of the rings, coordinating the bridal shower attire, giving assistance to the flower girls and ring bearers and sometimes delivering some speech at the reception.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaid. Picking out the groomsmen and bridesmaid is also the best way to include special people in your life. These people are backup support and will stand beside the best man and maid of honor on your wedding ceremony. The roles and responsibilities of these are welcoming the guests and assisting the bride and the groom for the bachelor and bridal party.

Father of the Bride. It is very important on the part of the brides because their fathers usually are one of the best men in their lives. The father will escort the bride in walking down the aisle and give her away to her other half. Most of the brides take a father and daughter dance at the reception. However, in the absence of the father of any reason; an equally important family member should fill in the role. Usually, the mother of the bride is the chosen one.

Flower girls and Ring Bearers. These roles depend on the bride and the groom preference. Usually, flowers girls are young girls from the family members and will scatter petals along the aisle. Ring bearers are normally young boys who carry the rings before the exchange of vows. It is lovely to have children participate in your Big Day.

Ushers and Master of Ceremonies. Ushers help the guests find their seats while master of ceremonies introduce speeches, announcements and deliver the program.


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Think Out of the Box

If you still have not found perfect roles for your loved ones to achieve your effective wedding management, worry no more because you can think of some special number to have them participate in your wedding. Invite your talented family members to have intermission number. A solo or duet singing performance is highly recommended for this occasion. Other loved ones can perform a dance number or play an instrument. This way, wedding guests will also be entertained.

Make Your Special Day Be Well-Accommodated for Everyone

It is about choosing your most suited location for the reception. Assure that the accommodation options are comfortable not only for your loved ones but also for all the wedding guests. Minimize the lag between ceremony and reception, and of course, you do not want your guests to be angry and annoyed upon your arrival at the reception.

The wedding is one of the most significant occasions for every couple. You undoubtedly also want to make everyone around you special on your Big Day. Seeing a happy couple surrounded by happy families is one of the best concepts in existence. It is going to be a success for your “plan my wedding” venture.

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