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How to Incorporate Wedding Songs in Your Wedding Vows

Jun 25, 2018


Wedding vows are perhaps the most touching part of any wedding. It is the moment when the bride and groom expresses their love for each other, promising a lifetime relationship sealed with assurance. With that, a lot of couples chooses to customize their wedding vows instead of sticking to the regular and traditional vows. 


One popular way of personalizing a wedding vow is through incorporating songs in them. If you also find that wedding vows should be more intimate, and thus more personal, here are some tips on how to assimilate songs into your vows.

1.  Look for inspiration. Start off by looking at the traditional ones, those common vows from your religion if you practice a specific faith. At the same time, think of something striking or your favorite lyrics. If you have a ‘theme song’ or a couple song – a song that reminds one of the other – that would be the best song to derive your wedding vow from.


2.  Agree on the format and tone of your vow. How do you want your wedding vows to come across? If you decide to have a poetic and romantic wedding vow, a mellow-tuned song is a good match or perhaps an all-instrumental one.


3. Write important things about your relationship. The things you’ll say in your vow are typically the things that you felt during the first time you met or something about your partner that made you fall in love. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself as you look for the perfect song.


a.  Why did you decide to be engaged to this person?

b.   How much support have you given and received?

d.    Are you ready to face whatever challenge you’ll have in the future?

e.    Do you have goals as a couple?

f.     What comes to mind every time you see your fiancé?

g.    When was your first realization of love?

h.   Has your life been better since the day you met your partner?

i.    How many times have you been dreaming of walking down the aisle while he waits for you at the altar?


4.  Practice by reading it loud. Don't just recite the vows. You should also record yourself and listen to it. With that, you can find the best version of the vow recital. Make it short and conversational. While we understand how much you want to make your partner feel your affection during that moment, you should only use small gestures.

Do you already started writing your wedding vows? Let us know your experience and thoughts or share and tag your partner to help and guide you with writing it for your big day! 
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