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How to Make Your Introvert Bridesmaids Feel Comfortable

May 17, 2018

For introverts, social functions may be their worst nightmare. Being around a lot of people not only agitates them but also wears them out. Introverts are best by themselves or with a select few, so weddings are not exactly their thing. This could be easily avoidable for any wedding guest, but what if the introverts are the bridesmaids—the second best at every wedding? Imagine their pain—how nerve-wracking.


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As the bride, you choose your bridesmaids because of your personal histories with each one of them and because of how well you associate with them. You know them better than anyone else, so you should be able to understand just how frustrating social events can be for them. As the star of the show, you are in a sense a hostess to a grand reception and so should make the event comfortable for everyone. This most especially includes your bridesmaids.



Seat Assignment

At many wedding receptions, people don’t usually get to sit wherever they want; their seats are assigned to them. Since you are the bride, you and your handsome groom get to put people wherever you feel best for them to sit. Don’t have your bridesmaids suffer at the mishap of this deceptively simple decision; have them sit with people they already know. It will make your social function of reception more bearable, and they may even have more fun this way.


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Redirecting the Spotlight

The wedding toast at every reception is a standard, and you get just how much your introverted bridesmaids hate attention. For the love of them, don’t force any one of them to give you a toast. They already mean well by attending to you as bridesmaids, and the pressure of giving a speech in front of strangers will only add to their socializing burden. Let this slide for them, and they’ll love you even more for it.


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Avoiding Awkward Interactions

Introverts take a while to open up to people and so may be uncomfortable with strangers. At your wedding or the wedding reception, bridesmaids can’t avoid being approached by other guests who try to make conversation. In the case that you catch you any one of your bridesmaids trapped in social interaction that she’s silently begging to get out of, try to smoothly slide into the conversation yourself and then cleverly excuse yourself and your bridesmaid out of the dialogue. It would not seem rude since you are the bride after all, and she will be thanking her lucky stars for your sympathy.
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