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How to Write and Prepare Wedding Invitation Cards

May 30, 2018

It is that time of the year; couples started planning for the wedding. Amidst all the preparation, of course, no one can forget about the guests. Sending wedding invitation cards is probably one of the most exciting parts of the pre-wedding. But, like thinking of a wedding theme, this one needs careful thinking, too. Who are you going to invite?

It is essential that couples list down the names of people they want to invite and compare their lists together. By doing this, they may discuss if they really want to welcome these guests or not. Or why they want to invite them in the first place. Couples should decide whether they want an intimate wedding with less crowd or they want a grand one inviting lots of families, friends, and relatives.

Also, make sure that the invitation matches the wedding motif. Again, cohesion is critical in the wedding preparation.


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Everything should look well put together, that includes your custom wedding invitations. While some bride wants to customize and personalize invites her own hands, this may add hassle on top of other things to do in the wedding preparation. Now that we are more technology inclined ear, wedding invitation cards can be personalized and customized as if they are hand-made. There are just a few things that the bride and groom remember and instruct the people who will do the custom wedding invitations. Details are very crucial; it is best not to have even a single typographical error in the letters. It will elicit a laugh here and there.

Typographical errors may be a minimal mistake, but it is noticeable nonetheless. Clients and guests won’t be happy about it if they see how you spelled their names wrong. Being cautious about the little details is essential. One mistake in the letter might not be good for the eyes.

While there are lots of designs you can choose from for your wedding invitation cards, here are some elements that you might not want to oversee while preparing it.

Invitation Elements
  • The outer envelope and the invitation itself

  • Cards that you can include: reception card, directions card, and response card

There are also different kind of wording and etiquette in writing wedding invitation cards. Here are some ways that you can consider to style yours. However, keep in mind that your custom wedding invitations reflect your personality too and it says so much about you so stay true to your preferences!

Invitation Card
  • For formal wedding invitation cards, make sure to be consistent and use precise wording all throughout—that includes other elements like reception card, direction card, and response card.

  • Remember to use full names and not nicknames. Though, you can abbreviate titles and honorifics like Mr. and Ms.

  • Traditionally, the word honour in British spelling is used for church ceremony in the wedding invitation cards.

  • If the theme is contemporary and somehow modernized, you may not be restricted with conventional phraseology. You should still add elegance and sophistication to it, though.

Reception Card
  • You may only add this card if you are having a different reception from the place of the wedding ceremony.

Response Card
  • Know who is coming to your Big Day. The number of people who confirmed their attendance would help you determine head counts for seating arrangements.

  • The usual RSVP deadline should be at least a month before the exact date of the event.

  • Indicate specific names of the people you are inviting on the envelopes.

  • Some response cards that go with wedding invitation cards are designed as postcards with stamps and address places on the back of it.

Direction Card
  • Some custom wedding invitations have the place’s direction on it instead of having it separated on another card. But if you want to include more details, direction cards should do the work

  • Of course, the items contained on this card depend on the wedding place and the reception. These things to consider may help you remember all the details you need your guests to know before joining one of the most beautiful moments in you and your partner’s life:

    • If you are putting driving directions, you may also want to comprise the valet parking if necessary.

    • If you are arranging a car service or group transportation for your guests, cover the meeting place and the departure time. It is wise to allow a 15-minute allowance to ensure punctuality. Also, you must let your guests know if there is no available parking lot on the venue in case they might want to bring their own vehicles.

    • If you are allowing kids on your Big Day, you may also add children arrangements to settle order and peace in the ceremony.

  • While some prefer not adding envelopes for their wedding invitation cards, it helps to secure the invitation from possible damage to its delivery.

  • Put a return address on the back flap of the envelopes.


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The Dos and Donts of Wedding Invitation Cards

After establishing the things you need to include in your custom wedding invitations, you may still overlook some things that go against the card etiquette for weddings. Here are some of the reminders that you must also keep in mind:

  • List the bride name’s first (though, you can go past over the tradition).

  • Use wording that incorporates the children.

  • Be different – we do not want to repeat ourselves, but it is all about your preference! Do you.

  • Diligently record responses.

  • Keep a copy to yourself – it serves as a remembrance as well. Do not ask your guests for their copy once the wedding is done and you realize you did not keep one for yourself.

  • Do not share registry info. It may be put up on your wedding website.

  • Do not put “no children” on your wedding invitation cards even if you are not allowing it. You may just go for subtle ones like “limited seats” or list down the names of the attendees, and it should deliver the message.

  • Make sure it is readable; do not use too many fonts all at once. The ideal text is consisting of one script and one block font. These two should be enough giving accents on to your custom wedding invitations style.

  • Do not depend on Google Map for your directions. Technology is probably one of the most amazing discoveries and innovation, but most of the times our phones do not get it right. Verify if the address and location are accurate on it.

  • Do not forget to ask for meal choices unless it is a buffet meal. If a plated meal, this should be a must for your caterer. Make sure also to include a variety of meat to veggies because you might get a vegan in the house.

  • Do not neglect to order extra wedding invitation cards and envelopes. You may forget a couple of people to invite down the road.

Even though it is easier now to spread the word through social media and messaging apps, having your custom wedding invitation remains thrilling. It is something you can’t omit from your wedding preparation, and it surely gives more sense of fulfillment. Your guests will also want to keep it as a remembrance aside from the favours. Your wedding day also holds a vital memory to the people involved and invited more than you will ever know. Remember, your wedding invitation cards set everything in place from themes and design details to directions, receptions, and invites. Go and send them well.

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