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How your bridesmaids can help during the wedding party

Jun 1, 2018


There’s more to being a bridesmaid than merely looking beautiful in the wedding party. One thing about becoming a bridesmaid is that everyone wants to be one. However, a bridesmaid also need a helping hand most especially to those few who are new to actually living up to the roles and responsibilities of becoming one!

Look at it this way. Signing up to be a bridesmaid is no different from getting a corporate job. There are specific responsibilities that you need to cover. It sounds nice to have a corporate job, but the obligations tied to being one is an indeed fun conquest! As a bride, you’d want your wedding to be perfect, and for that to happen, you need your bridesmaid to do her part in your wedding. From there, it is already evident why you need some awareness of how your bridesmaid can help during your wedding party.

We at BG Bridal Gallery had borne witness to many couples before as they go through with wedding planning. We share the ideas and the journey and feeling that all brides feel about their upcoming wedding party. With that, we wrapped up the various ways the bridesmaid can be of help during the wedding party.

Buy a Bridesmaid Dress

There are cases when the bride spends for the bridesmaid dress, but that depends on the courtesy of the bride herself, as well as the current status of the bridesmaid. If you got a young woman as a bridesmaid who has not graduated from her university yet, then you may have to shoulder the expenses for the dress since she wouldn’t be capable of buying her wardrobe.


You can decide to shoulder the expenses for the bridesmaid dress, but that’s up to you. The usual scenario is that the bridesmaid is responsible for her dress expenses.

Be Present in the Wedding and on the Dance Floor

Although it’s a given that the bridesmaid should be present at the wedding itself, it would benefit you to know that the bridesmaid needs to not only be present physically but also mentally. This means that she has to be active in all the activities being held at the wedding party.


You never know when you’ll have a mellow crowd on your wedding party, but when this is the case, you’ll know need some sympathy dancers to spice during the dancing portion of the wedding party.

Pay and Plan the Bridal Shower

As we’ve mentioned in this article earlier, the job of a bridesmaid is not limited to looking glamorous during the party. She is also expected to have fantastic ideas for the bridal shower. Not only that, but she also needs to know a thing or two about how to implement her plans.


The bride is rarely the one who throws her bridal shower because it is usually held as a surprise party for the bride-to-be. With that, it is typically the bridesmaid who pays for the event. There is no need to orient your bridesmaid about this part since it usually comes as a standard for bridesmaids. The need to throw a bridal shower for the bride was derived from the fact that most women who become bridesmaid are usually the best or closest friends of the bride.

Share their DIY Skills in the Wedding Planning

Getting married is no joke. We’re not just saying this regarding difficulty about wedding planning and all. This is also about the expenses tied to the whole thing. One of the ways the bridesmaid can help during the wedding is by sharing her expertise in DIY wedding decorations and accessories.


Even though being a bridesmaid doesn’t necessarily mean that one is a maid, it is also a given that people assigned to be bridesmaids are close to the heart of the woman about to be married. With that, it became a tradition for them to take an active role in the wedding planning. From the guests’ standpoint, the bridesmaids are there to add aestheticism to the wedding. However, they are also expected to take responsibility in the delegation of the event.

Stress Relief

Wedding planning is a hefty task. Even if you managed to hire the best wedding planners in the country, you can’t avoid getting caught up in everything that’s going on. It’s your wedding after all. Just because there are people taking care of the planning for you doesn’t mean that you can bear to sit in a corner and wait until things start to unravel.



While everybody is treating you like a princess, you can’t help thinking about your incoming event. With that, at some point, you’ll find yourself even more stress out than the wedding planners themselves. Lucky you because the best things about having a bridesmaid are that you have someone to comfort you all throughout the most stressful times of the wedding planning process. No matter what struggles come along, you will have someone to accompany you as you take a bite out of your favorite chocolate or even a nice cup of wine.

Help You Choose a Dress

Going for a dress shopping may sound like a lot of fun, but it’s actually pretty dull if you do it by yourself. The best company, if you can ever have, is your bridesmaid. After all, you carefully handpicked these group of beautiful ladies to be part of your wedding entourage. It’s true what people say about bridesmaids - they are usually the friends that are most intimate with the bride-to-be.


It’s one thing to like a dress, and it’s another thing actually to look good in it. By having your bridesmaids crew with you as you buy a wedding dress, you will have some home buds to pinpoint which wardrobe suits you best.

Speak at the Rehearsal Dinner

It’s not mandatory for the bridesmaid to speak during the rehearsal dinner, but if the maid of honor was to give a wedding day toast, most brides prefer to let her bridesmaids say some words too. However, you need to take note that some people almost want to pee their pants whenever they have to speak in public. With that, it is advised that you inform the bridesmaids first hand if you intend to make them talk in the rehearsal dinner.

Be Present in All Events Conducted before the Wedding

Events like the bachelorette or engagement parties are becoming a thing these days. Even though these types of events are usually hosted by family members, bridesmaids are considered to be a VIP guest. With that, there is some expectation that she will be present during those times. Of course, at times there are external events that can constraint the bridesmaid to be present in particular activities. With that, you may extend your understanding to the concerned parties.

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