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Ideas to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Feb 16, 2017

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Are you looking for clever ways to keep boredom at bay during your big day? Here’s a list to help you out.

1. Seating plan

If you have a seating arrangement during your reception, be sure to plan it out carefully.  Creating one is not just a simple task that needs to be done. In fact, it plays a huge role in making sure that everybody feels comfortable. While the safest way to go is to group those who already know each other, it’s also ideal that you mix people up. The best way to decide who gets to sit with who is to consider their personalities.

2. Great food

Whatever happens, be sure none of your guests ever feel hungry nor thirsty. That’s probably the worst thing that you can ever do to your guests. So, be sure to have an abundance of food and drinks all throughout your wedding day. You don’t have to be so grand on them. A bunch of bite-size sandwiches or some canapes would be perfect for the cocktail time. Any beverage would do just fine.

3. Play games

Don’t be afraid to incorporate a few games during your wedding. Doing so would be so handy especially if there’s a couple of hours in between your ceremony and your reception. How about you set up a station that has all sorts of cards and board games that your guests can borrow while they wait? Or you can even assign a person to be the game master and he can have everyone play all sorts of games.

4. Live entertainment

Of course, the best way to keep boredom at bay during your wedding is to make sure that you only have the best kind of entertainment. Hiring a live band or a DJ is always a great idea. However, you can certainly be more creative. Ever heard about a fire dancer performing at a wedding? There is such a thing and it’s worth looking into.

Keep in mind those four reminders.   Just a friendly tip: The key to successfully pulling off a wedding that’s fun not just for you but also for your guests is to provide them with the most relaxed, laid-back feel to the whole thing. Just don’t be too uptight on every single detail.

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