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Is it Necessary to Give Your Partner a Gift Before Getting Married?

Jun 20, 2018


Gifts are, no doubt, one of the most awaited aspects of the wedding. On the day itself, there will certainly be a ton of presents waiting for you given by your family and friends. But what about you? Have you thought of giving your fiance a wedding gift?  Is it necessary to give your partner a gift before getting married? 

Relationships are all about affection. This is something that you cannot contain in gift wrapper. Affection should show in your actions and words. But now that you are getting married, it is important to make your love more concrete, not only for your eyes but also in the sight of everyone who will attend your wedding.

Since love has no physical form, you can alternatively purchase a small gift for your partner before the wedding to symbolize the love that the two of you share. On the other hand, you can also offer your fiance gifts of heartfelt thoughts and gestures. Here are some ways to do the latter.

Knowing each one’s love language.

More than pre-wedding gifts, the best thing that you can give to your partner is the feeling of being wanted and loved. It can be challenging for the couple to show their love for the other in a way that the partner intuitively feels. It can be through personal touch or time spent with one another.


Here are some of your partner's possible love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation – This is your partner’s love language if she feels loved through warm words in the form of verbal compliments, encouragements, and support.
  • Quality Time – Your partner will feel loved when you give him undivided attention or time together with no distractions—no phones, just pure conversation or cuddle.
  • Receiving Gifts – Some people feel that they are being loved when they receive gifts or presents. When it comes to wedding gifts, no matter how small or big you intend to give to your partner, know that it is enough. 
  • Acts of Service – If your partner has this kind of love language, doing simple things for your partner like bringing a package to her grandmother, would be mean so much to her. It will certainly make her feel loved. 
  • Physical Touch – a simple holding of the hands, back rubs, kisses, long hugs, or wrapping your partner in your arms can be a signal of love and affection for some people.

Show passion.

If your partner feels that you have a certain passion for this relationship that you are holding, he will start to believe more loved than if you were just giving him gifts and presents.


Here are some ways to show your passion to your partner. 

  • Hugging – a hug typically lasts for an average of four seconds and extending them a little longer, say one minute, would bring the feeling of wanting to connect with your partner.
  • Touching and Feeling – You need to extend some loving touch to your partner once in a while in moments he needs it. If you touch your partner in an ordinary day, your touch can be taken as a merely ordinary touch. However, if this touching occurs when he is going through a difficult time, you can be certain that it will mean a lot to him. 

Crackdown on negativity and criticisms.

Nothing can break a relationship faster than remorseless pessimism. Be careful, as small actions can appear as negative gestures to the other, which could erode your “sense of togetherness” and joy.


According to studies, successful relationships have a 5:1 ratio of positive interactions. This means for every one negative thing you do or say, you have to give 5 positive interactions in exchange. Try this starting today, and see the difference it makes!

Do you plan to give a gift to your partner? Share your gift suggestions and plans, or share this article with your partner! 

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