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Is Your Best Man Stressing You Out? Here's What To Do!

Mar 14, 2018

Boys can be stubborn, especially if they are not into planning.  If your groom is actively participating and helping you out with your wedding planning don’t expect that everyone will have the same drive as him, the best man and groomsmen.  If it happens that your groomsman is stressing you out because he’s being lazy to do all the task here’s what you can do.

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1.       Talk to him

Before scolding him talk to him first. Find out what is going on with your fiancé’s supposed to be a partner in wedding planning.  Is he having problems at home or at work?  Is he going through something you didn’t know that is why he cannot do the tasks?  And there is a great chance that he doesn’t know his responsibilities, walk him through if that is the case.

2.       Make him busy

After figuring out what is going on, make him busy.  Tell him what his role and responsibilities are to your wedding.  Give him something that he can do, but not just something that he can, something that he is good at!

3.       Ask the bridesmaids and groomsmen for help

If he is getting in the way try to ask your bridal party’s help.  Especially if he is getting too drunk at a party you have thrown or he’s being lazy with his job.  Ask them if to monitor the best man to prevent future problems.

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4.       Let your fiancé talk to him

If plan A, B and C failed, it is time to talk to your fiancé and ask for his help.  Maybe he(the best man) won’t listen to you because he thinks that your fiancé should be the one giving him orders on what to do.  Be honest with your fiancé and tell him how you are feeling.

5.       Just ignore him

If he is not changing his attitude, let other groomsmen do his job and ignore him.  Don’t let him take all the fun inside you!  It is your wedding and you should be in control.  Don’t let one person ruin your big day.

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