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Justin Bieber Had A Special Announcement This Thanksgiving

Nov 28, 2018

For months, there had been speculation that Justin Bieber already tied the knot with model Hailey Baldwin.

Finally, the young singer confessed that he and Hailey are actually married, but only in the eyes of the law.

In an Instagram post, Justin was implying that he was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner where both sides of his family finally got together for the first time in a long while.

Justin and Hailey became engaged last July and got their marriage license this September. There were reports that the couple had a secret ceremony as well.

We weren’t able to get confirmation from the lovebirds, but recently their fans noticed how Justin and Hailey are constantly giving hints on a possible wedding ceremony through the Pinterest boards and wedding blogs they’re sharing online.

Following Justin’s Thanksgiving Instagram post, it was Hailey’s turn to flaunt her new “Bieber” necklace.

In a short clip, Hailey proudly showed her diamond-bubbled necklace, which spelled the word B-i-e-b-e-r. The video also came with a couple of gift box emojis, which implied that the necklace was a gift to her.

Not only that, but it was also reported that Hailey recently changed her legal name to Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

With the recent news of the Bieber-Baldwin marriage, it sort of makes sense for Hailey to parade around social media with her new legal name, but this isn’t really the first time she has been showing off to the world that she is officially Justin’s girl.

In recent months, fans have caught Hailey wearing a jacket with Bieber’s name printed on the back. On Instagram, she has also previously changed her username to include Bieber, her new surname.

Of course, both Hailey and Bieber fans are enjoying the view. You’ll see lots of retweets on Twitter congratulating the two for their new life together.

On the other hand, several die-hard fans still feel betrayed by not being able to witness Hailey wearing a pretty wedding gown.

Just like we said. We didn’t really get any confirmation from either Justin or Hailey about a wedding ceremony, but insider reports are currently circulating that while Justin and Hailey are already legally married, an epic wedding celebration is still underway.

Contrary to the private wedding speculation, Justin and Haley's wedding will be open to the public. Friends and family will be invited to their special event, just like any other wedding. We couldn’t get a specific wedding date so we don’t have any idea how soon or long the wedding will take, but you can expect it happening moving forward.

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