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Keep in Mind These Wedding Details That Guests Always Notice

Jan 12, 2018

We all want a flawless and perfect wedding although we cannot prevent some little problems on the way like missing one table number or the juice aren’t enough for the second serving.  The little problems that you thought your guests might not notice can be the thing that they will always remember at your wedding!  So list down these wedding details that the guests always have their eyes on.

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1. Direction to the Reception

Brides and grooms give them a clear map of the reception; give landmark as much as possible.  This will make a big impact on your guests, what if they are already hungry and they got lost because of your misleading map?  If you have a precise instruction and they got there without any trouble they will appreciate it.

2. No Delays

It is true that we cannot seem to forget that one person who is always late or has been late.  Inform your entourage about the time and how 8 am sharp is as sharp as Captain Hooks hook!  Your guests will be amazed if everyone is on time especially here in our country that cannot set aside the Filipino-time manner.


3. Table Assignments

Just please combine a group of people who you know that will blend together well.  Talk to your partner about this because of he, too, have some friends.  And you don’t want to go mixing and matching a group of people you don’t know personally.  Your guests can make new friends with a well-planned table assignment.

4. Kids Menu

Kids are very picky when it comes to food, some just don’t like to eat grown-up foods.  So to save your guests from headaches and tantrums, ask your caterer for a kids menu and set up a table where they can have their little lunch together with their playmates.

5. Food Selection

Okay, so adults are picky, too!  But if they are on a strict diet or they have an illness.  Do not forget to include a healthy option on the menu because not everyone will like to eat pork, beef, and chicken.  A salad bar is always a good idea even to those who are not on a diet.


6. Alcoholic Beverages

Your uncles will look for these!  So if you do not want to have that “boring” kind of wedding for them, serve beers and alcohols after the party.  Just tell the bartender to keep a list of people who have been getting a lot of liquors. 

7. Slippers Basket

Your bridesmaids and all the other ladies in your wedding will thank you for this idea!  The wedding is a long day and wearing your heels for 8 hours can be a nightmare for someone.  Having them to wear slippers at the reception means more dancing on the dance floor.  And they will not be in a rush to go home and change.

8. Thank You Notes

A thoughtful thank you note is always appreciated.  So do not forget this last detail in your wedding.  If you think that you cannot greet everyone and say thank you to them personally at the reception, give them a thank you card instead.  This is perfect for a 200-guest wedding because it's time-consuming to greet each and every one personally.

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