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Let the Groom Know the Details of His Best Man’s Duties

Jun 28, 2018


We have probably said it a gazillion of times, but here: details are important. It does not just apply to the whole wedding planning process of your wedding design or styles. Even the maid of honor and best man duties hold much importance. You do not choose your entourage for the mere reason of being close to these people, and you find a confidant in them.


Your entourage also has designated duties based on their part on your wedding. It is imperative to know these things, so you know who to put on a certain position. What if these people are not able to fulfill their duties? Well, you and know should both know the roles so all parties can adjust.

In most cases, it is always the bride that goes full hands-on in wedding preparations, but it should not always be like that. You may start briefing your groom about his best man duties so that he can work on his own responsibilities, too. Remember, weddings are a union of two—not one. Give your room this checklist so he can talk to his best man about it. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Before the Wedding

The excellent thing about best man duties is he will be there all throughout this once-in-a-lifetime event to assist you every step of the way.


During the wedding planning process, it is one of best man duties to help the groom choose his tuxedo as well as all the fitting sessions. The best man is also the one responsible for the bachelor party. He should organize what gift should the groomsmen give the groom. Basically, the best man is the point of contact for the groomsmen. If there are changes in wedding plans, the best man is the one to tell the groomsmen about it


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Not shorty prior to the wedding, the best man is also accountable for the couple’s transportation as they depart from the reception. If the groom wants, the best man can also do the confirmation for the honeymoon reservations.

Then, of course, there is the rehearsal. It is one of the best man duties to be attentive during the rehearsal. Some part of the entourage might not remember their places on the day of the event, so it would be nice if the best man can help them find their designated positions to prevent disarray on the wedding itself.


There will also be rehearsal dinner where the best man should organize who will make the toasts. Usually, if the parents of the groom paid for the rehearsal dinner, the first toast is made by the father of the groom. Though there are circumstances that the father does not give a speech, it is one of the best man duties to do the first toast. But if the father does, the best man will present the second toast.

During the Wedding

The wedding process before the wedding is just as important as the wedding day itself. Perhaps, it may feel more jittery for the best man too since he is playing a significant role.


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At home or in hotels where the couple and the entire entourage stay, one of the best man duties is to help the groom wear his tuxedo. Oversee if everything is neat and clean and help smooth out creases. The best man is also accountable for making sure that there are envelopes of payment prepared for the wedding officiants. The best man also has to stow the wedding rings safely and ensures that the groom has the marriage license with him. Then, of course, the best man must get the groom to the wedding ceremony—on time; safe and sound.

Before the ceremony, the best man should do the headcount, especially of the groomsmen. Check if they are dressed accordingly and ready to usher guests (if they are assigned to that). The best man should also make the ring bearer comfortable and confirm if the kid knows everything he has to do. Most importantly, the best man should stand on the groom’s side as he waits for the love of his life. (Cue for the best man to cry. It is okay, man!)


Weddings are a worthwhile journey because every step towards the road to forever counts. Best man duties are just one of that extension help that you can ask your friends and family. The whole process should not be a problem as long as everyone finds time to take things lightly and just have fun. No one wants to look so stressed out on your wedding day—not you, not your partner and not your guests. Have fun and take everything as a newly acquired knowledge and learning experience. Good luck with all your wedding ventures—whether you are the bride, the groom, the entourage or the guests. Get involved.

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