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Let Your Wedding Invitation Speak the Words

May 30, 2018

For the most part, first impressions really do last, and your wedding invitation is not an exception. Your wedding cards will serve as the sneak peek of your wedding theme. It will give your guests ideas of what they can expect in your Big Day.

It is essential to stay coherent in preparing for weddings. You want your designs and styles to come together creating a great masterpiece. Though there is beauty in chaos, cohesion is vital for weddings. You would want for every detail to stand out suitably. All attributes should complement one another.



While your save-the-date does not necessarily have to be your wedding invitation, it is still imperative to maintain unity in colors and styles. But, does that not mean that we can’t experiment with the different color scheme. Colors are there to play with, and that is what exactly we are going to do.

Since invitations should be sent six to eight months before your wedding day, what if you have not thought of a motif yet? Fret not, that is exactly why we are here, and we have people we know that can help you, too.

In customizing your wedding invitation, you must consider a few things first to make sure we stay with the wedding invitation etiquettes. However, these standards should not keep us inside the box. As we customize your wedding invitations, we can figure things out—what works and what does not—as we venture this artistic journey.

Wedding Styles and Designs

Color is not everything, but it is the final puzzle piece to complete your whole wedding picture. Say you have a rustic wedding theme that usually comes with metal and timber layouts. To stick with this mood, you will choose color gradients that resemble these materials. If you are having a garden wedding or a beach one, blue would be nice to mimic the sea and the sky. As for the garden, it will suit best with green to accompany the trees and the color wood. You see, these colors are adjacent to each other. Sure, they blend well together, but how can your wedding set up stand out? The same thing goes with your wedding cards.

The traditional colors that are used in wedding invitations are gold, silver, and cream. Colors that are neutral tend to fit more in any other color. However, color grading can take us to another level. A color red is not just a simple color red; it may come in different shades. Different color palettes are a good technique to give accent to your designs.

Color is essential in terms of choosing your wedding invitations’ text and fonts. Nowadays, we have lots of fonts to choose from compared to where texts are just italicized to give the word life. Calligraphy texts are now in demand, and they can work perfectly with digital editing. These fonts will give aesthetic to your wedding cards. Any font should be okay as long as you know how to contrast its colors to its background’s.

And since art is about experimenting and trying new things, you can also combine different shapes and sizes. Technically, the usual wedding invitations come in rectangular shape. Couples now tend to give a playful vibe to it by doing different shapes (sometimes, depending on their wedding theme). Just to give you an idea, some couples having a beach wedding uses scallop shape. Interesting choice, right? You must keep in mind the type of the envelope you will use for it, though. The more intricate the forms you choose, the more it might be costly because it demands more paper. Of course, it also requires more effort in making it.



Traditional Lettering

There are also standards in the wording you must use in your wedding invitations. While we are in coming of age era and everything is turning into contemporary, we should not lose the elegance and sophistication of words. The way we curate the letters says so much about how we give importance to details.

Here are some traditional approaches you must remember in organizing your wedding invitations:

  • Use third person point of view

  • Time and date are written first before the venue

  • Use titles for formality

  • Bride’s name is written before the groom

  • ‘The pleasure of your company’ is usually used for non-religious venues

  • ‘The honor of your presence’ is for church weddings

  • Most invitations use the ‘British English’: honor, favor

Wedding invitations also follow the sequence of the people hosting the event. Traditionally, it is the bride’s parents who present the wedding. Also, it used to be both set of parents. Now that millennials are starting to be more financially conscious, the couples tend to spend for their own wedding which is also a great mindset to have.  Adulting is indeed hard, but it is fulfilling. Don’t you just love that kind of independence?

Additionally, you need to consider checking your grammar and spelling. No one is fond of grammar nazis, and you do not have to be one. However, keeping a proper check even for typographical error is just a right thing to do. If you are not confident enough (even writers fail to see their errors most time!) to proofread, get someone who can do it for you.

No one is perfect, and flaws should be accepted but not in your wedding invitations. We can’t tolerate it. Oops. You do not have to be a perfectionist to make sure everything goes smoothly. You just have to pay more attention to all facets.

Orders and Costing

If you are inviting people who live in the same household, it is wise to send them one copy of your wedding invitation. It will save you money, and you can save a branch of tree as well. You can just put all the names in addressing that household or a family name they all use.



It is also critical to order in an enterprise that knows the value of your story. Your wedding invitations are not just mere words etched on papers. It tells a narrative a certain moment in the couple’s life, and that is precisely what Printsonalities stand for. They are literally “printing personalities” of the bride, the groom, and all the people involved in this special moment.

Printsonalities focuses on the communication their wedding invitations portray. They try to envelop feelings around it that bring families and friends together. Weddings can initiate different relationships, and the letters serve as a move of fate.

While we dedicated ourselves to being part of life’s most special events, a strong desire stirred inside us. We felt that there was more that could be done with this passion of ours. We’ve always known that paper was at the heart of our business, but we realized that what really excites us is not just being able to make nice things from it but what these products are used for: communicating— when making unforgettable first impressions, celebrating milestones, and remembering important moments—adding thoughtfulness to every interaction.”

This kind of business does not only know what they really want to convey through their products and service; they also know how to deliver it well.  As Printsonalities believe in, “It starts with your ideas, conveyed through exceptional paper creations that shape lasting memories.”

Let your invitations tell your most genuine story and aspire people with it. To know more about Printsonalities, you may visit them here.

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