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List of Wedding Expenses You Might Not Be Expecting But You Should

Jan 4, 2018

You might think that you’ve got it all ready but have you?  There are some expenses that we may forget to write or we think that it is not necessary so you just cross it out on your notebook.  But hey, it is better to be ready than to find an ATM on the last minute of your wedding day just to pay for something or someone.  Double check your list of expenses if you have included these hidden wedding fees.


1.       Generators

If you will be having your wedding in a province or in a private place consider asking the nearest generator rentals for you to have an idea on how much you are going to pay them if the power suddenly cuts out.  You can also tell them if they are accepting reservation fees just in case, so you will have a generator ready that they cannot rent to someone else.

2.       Tent

This is so necessary for outdoor weddings because you cannot predict the weather unless it is summer.  So before the rain ruins everything ask your wedding planner to rent a rent that you and your guests can run into when the sudden change of weather happens.

 3.       Alterations

The shape of our body change so easily so if you know that you have not been eating a lot since the day you went to your tailor get some money ready for your dress alteration.  Also, do this a month or 2 weeks before the wedding so the alteration will not be in a rush.


4.       Delivery fees and tips

Tips are for the drivers and helpers; you don’t give a tip to the owner because the payment goes straight to them.  And giving tips to the drivers and helpers especially when they had a hard time finding the reception will make their day.  That simple gesture will mean a lot to them.  Also, ask the owner for delivery fees so you will have your money ready and not suspect the driver in the end.


5.       Service Fee

Ask your wedding caterer if the package you got has a service fee so you won’t have to tip the waiters and waitresses.  Sometimes we forget to ask or look at the receipt if there is a service fee so we tend to pay them double especially in restaurants.

 6.       Overtime

Your reception venue might have an overtime fee!  Yes!  You might be renting them just for a good 4 hours so ask the owner or the one who is in charge of how much is the overtime fee per hour.  Especially if the party is going to well and you still want to mingle with your relatives and friends.

 7.       Your vendors' foods

Do not forget to feed them.  Your wedding planner, wedding photographer, and videographer, the priest, everyone you hired to make your dream wedding possible.  Also the band, the DJ or the artist that is going to make your wedding come to life.  Make sure to tell the caterer of all the extra foods for the vendors.

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