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Lovable Wedding Cake Designs

Feb 16, 2017

A wedding, whether grand or intimate, is never complete without a cake.  That being said, it’s nice if you could spend time looking for unique designs.  To make your task a little lighter, we’ve listed down a few good options.

1. Chandelier Cake

imagePhoto by: Shebz Cakes Brownies

If you want a cake that will make a statement, then you can go for a chandelier cake. Having this as your wedding cake would definitely leave all your guests in awe. It’s not every wedding that they get to see a cake suspended on the ceiling, right?

2. Marbled Cake

imagePhoto by: Wynne's Cake Company

Anything marbled is always pretty. Add that element to a cake and the result is just plainly majestic. This kind of cake design is perfect for those who want to keep things simple and elegant yet still want to show a bit of creativity and quirkiness.

3. Classic All-White Cake

imagePhoto by: Cakes by Mannix

You can never go wrong with a classic all-white wedding cake. While it might seem boring to some, you can add your own twist to it. How about you adorn your cake with edible flowers?

4. Custom-designed Cakes

imagePhoto by: Cupcee

Personalized wedding cake is definitely a great idea. Not only can they add more personal touch to your big day and put a whole lot of character, they can also hint your guests about  what you love as a couple.

by Andria

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