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'Many-Moons': What Does It Mean?

Jun 7, 2018


Couples used to celebrate their honeymoon weeks or even months after tying the knot. That's not the case anymore. With the passing of time, people have come to alter this tradition. These days, couples have already found several ways to celebrate their binding. A current trend among married couples today is “many-moons.”

What are "many-moons"?

People usually celebrate honeymoons only once. In this regard, many-moons refers to the celebration of a couple's bond several times, as the name suggests. Of course, this doesn't mean that the married couple is going to stay for months on vacation. This generally means that they will go on short but various outings. 


The length of the time off can be as little as three days or as long as a week. Couples would usually take advantage of holidays and long weekends to plan their trip to avoid taking too much time off their work. One great thing about many-moons is that while the couples don't have to sacrifice their working days, they also get to visit various places instead of only one. But if many-moons are this popular, there has to be more than one reason why it's one of the biggest honeymoon trends to date. 

They're perfect for engaged or married couples who are career-oriented.

There are usually lots of question to ask when planning the honeymoon destination. One of them is how long the couple needs to take a leave from work. People who want to settle down are most likely pretty self-established with their career already, and they want to keep it that way. With that, it's not surprising that they are trying to look for alternatives on how to make better use of their time while celebrating their marriage. 


They love their jobs, but marriage opens up a new milestone for them. It's something that is worth celebrating. So, how do they fly off to happy town without sacrificing their career? Many-moons. 

They can be more affordable than just one honeymoon.

Getting married is a luxury. It can literally and figuratively drain a couple dry. Having shorter trips throughout their first year together, instead of just one long trip, is actually more financially doable. Going on vacation for a few days to a week will greatly cost less than a two week to a month-long vacation.


They allow the couple to visit different places.

Having multiple trips instead of one also allows the couple to visit different destinations instead of just one. A big plus for a lot of people who would want to visit as many places as possible. A month-long vacation to the United States or Europe may allow people to visit many places in that area. However, with many-moons, they can actually visit a place in the U.S. and in Europe within their first year together.


They are easier to plan.

Just like weddings, planning for the honeymoon takes a lot of time and skill. Shorter vacations, on the other hand, is a lot easier to do. On top of that, shorter leaves have a much better chance of getting approved compared to a month-long leave. 

The traditional honeymoon celebration where couples would take weeks to months off is already a thing of the past. Modernity has already given way for the birth of newer and grander ways to celebrate life after marriage.


A common favorite among couples is many-moons. Couples would take multiple short vacations throughout their first year together. Doing this is actually more practical and beneficial for the couple. Not only is it easier for them to take time off from work, but it is also more affordable.

Do you already have plans for your honeymoon? Share your suggestions and planning experience! 
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