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Not a Fan of Garter Toss? You Can Try These Alternatives!

Jan 22, 2018

Worried about the garter toss?  Being in a Filipino culture means we are not that liberated enough to show off our legs in front of many people even if it is a tradition, especially in front of our relatives!  So to save you from getting embarrassed and all (because not every one of us has the guts to do this in our big day) we have some alternatives that you might want to consider.  We assure you that you are going to feel relieved after reading these alternatives.

1. Popping the balloon

This should be prepared a day before the wedding, place the garter inside a balloon, and place that balloon inside a bigger one, make sure that the balloon is thick enough so they won’t see where it is placed.  On the reception venue, the groom will pop the balloon with a pin while the bachelors look for the garter.

 imagePhoto by The Wedding Planner & Pauline's Floral Expressions

2. Sling Shot

This is so easy!  The bride doesn’t have to wear the garter, she only needs to bring one on hand for the groom to slingshot it to the bachelors, and the one who will get it will do the job.  Easy peasy!

3. Breakaway Bouquet

This may sound new to your ears.  If you would like everyone to receive a bouquet for your wedding ask your florist to make a breakaway bouquet, it is a type of flower that’s been tied with little bouquets to make it one.  So when you throw it everyone gets a part!

imagePhoto by Trends and Threads by KD

4. Give it as a present

If you have someone you adore or has been a big help throughout your big day, you can definitely give your bouquet to her as a present, be it your mom, your sister, your best friend.  

5. Display it

You can actually keep your bouquet to yourself if you want to!  Some brides are framing up their wedding bouquets so they can make it as a wall décor in their house or hang it in their bedroom.  Because one of the most memorable bouquets that you will have in your life is your wedding bouquet and it is worth keeping!

imagePhoto by Lauren Jessika Events

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