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Old-Fashioned vs. Electronic Wedding Invitations

Mar 7, 2018

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You have already settled on the look and the cost of your invitation when suddenly you realized that you can invite your friends and relatives online, and there is no need to spend. Are you having second thoughts? We will help you decide by giving you the pros and cons of both invitations.

Old Fashioned Paper Invites


  • It is so formal and it looks very important.  Admit it, we miss receiving paper invites in the mail because it gets us excited every time we open one.
  • It is stylish.  An invitation that is made based on your style and taste is way better than settling on a boring white page.  This also excites the guests.
  • Guests will appreciate the effort.  Because you actually paid for the postage and you spend the time to make that beautiful invitation.
  • Everyone will receive your invitation even if your grandma lives in the province and doesn’t know how to use a smartphone.


  • It will cost you a lot of time and money.  You have to find someone to make it, you need to look or design your own invites, you’re going to pay for that vendor and the postage.
  • Single purpose. What happens after the wedding?  Your invites might go to photo albums or drawers.  But the worst case is, it might only go to trash.

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Digital Wedding Invites


  • Cheap... but we think the right word is free! You can even just invite your friends through Facebook!
  • It can save you a lot of time. Since it is online, you just have to click all the people you want to invite and it will send right away!
  • You can get the RSVP in no time. Everyone checks their Facebook every day and in just a matter of two to three seconds, they can answer your invitation!


  • Some people don’t check their Facebook invites because they think that it is not important at all.
  • Your grandparents might not be able to receive it, especially if they don’t know how to use a smartphone or computer.

If you decide to go the digital route, download the BG Bridal Gallery app on Android or iOS!

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