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Pick Your Wedding Style With These 5 Easy Steps!

Mar 15, 2018

Wedding planning has never been this exciting because we get to choose our own motif!  Back in the day, they all used to have only one color, the color white. Nowadays, there are so many options. We will walk you through on how you can find your wedding style in just five easy steps!

1.       Use your imagination

If you already have a dream wedding in mind, that is better!  But if you don’t, try to picture what you would want. This will all start with your imagination. Start setting up your mood boards and notepads, take down notes to make sure you won't forget anything.

imagePink Tulip Flower Shop

2.       Look for inspirations

After seeing the dream wedding in your head you can now grab some magazines or browse BG Bridal Gallery for inspirations. From wedding venues to wedding invitations, BG Bridal Gallery has got you covered. Create your own inspiration board to keep you incheck with your  wedding inspirations. 

imageThunderbird Resort Poro Point

3.       How do you want your guests to dress?

Do you want them to wear fancy clothes, light, and simple or black tie?  Figure out the dress code for your wedding. If you imagine tying the knot inside a luxurious hotel then it will call for a black tie/formal dress code, but if you are planning to get married in the beach, it will call for light and simple attire.

imageEskaya Beach Resort & Spa

4.       Pick a palette

If you opt to have a bright and colorful wedding you can check the color wheel for the contrasting colors, these colors will blend perfectly well together like violet and yellow.  But if you want
to be in uniform, you can try the analogous scheme like peach, blush and pastel pink.

imageMakati Diamond Residences

5.       Stick with your motif

From your invites to your cake, giveaways to your table setting, the motif will be the overall look of your wedding.  Don’t try to make it different for each one and stick to your wedding theme.  But don’t overdo it, you should know when to stop.  You don’t have to make your bridesmaids wear a seashell printed dress for your beach wedding.

imageEskaya Beach Resort & Spa

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