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Planning 101: How to Survive Wedding Planning as a Couple

Jan 3, 2018

Wedding planning can be stressful and you might encounter some misunderstandings with your partner.  But you both have to need patience and understanding to get through this.  We all know that you just want to get married and start your life together as husband and wife, so to help you with certain situations here are some tips on how you will survive your wedding planning.

 1.       Budget together

This is a big decision that you need to decide together, alone.  For you to set your budget make a list of what is more important and what is not.  This will help you allocate your money and have a clear vision of how much you are going to spend.  Money can make you go crazy and this is sometimes the root of all conflicts.

 2.       Don’t be a perfectionist

After all, no one is perfect.  Do not expect your partner to make the right decisions all the time throughout the wedding planning.  This will just make you go nuts!  We know that you are stressed but remember he is, too!  And everything you’re doing is your first times. So be patient with each other.


 3.       Remember it is YOUR wedding

This is not your parents' wedding or your sisters/brothers.  The final decision will be up to you and your partner.  What flowers to choose, what venue to choose, who’s going to be the best man and maid of honor.  It is all your decision; don’t let anyone decide for the two of you so you won’t accuse them if it did not turn out right.

 4.       Sort things out

If your partner has more connections with the suppliers and he has a talent in negotiating, assign him to do that.  And if you are good with organizing, you can volunteer to organize some things with the help of your wedding planner.


 5.       Keep the fire burning

Don’t forget to tell each other compliments at the end of the day.  You might be so busy planning your wedding you don’t know that you are unconsciously neglecting your partner already.  Don’t forget the love and affection despite the busy schedules.

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