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Planning a Wedding Holiday? Here’s what you need to know!

Oct 18, 2017

We have a lot of holidays here in the Philippines especially in the month of August.  And some are considering setting their wedding day on that date because why not?  Almost every guest will be free if you set it on a holiday but here are the pros and cons you need to keep in mind before making a decision

Do tell your guests to save the date

Make sure to tell them 6 months before or earlier than that because we, Filipinos, set schedules for beach trips a year before.  Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.  But don't tell me you haven’t done that. They might book a ticket out of the country or out of town months before your wedding so make sure to tell them as soon as possible.


Book early

Some hotels and resorts are jam-packed during the holidays so you better book your rooms early or else you will be spending your weekend in somewhere you aren’t planning to.  And we don't want that. We want our wedding to go as planned.

Ask if they operate on holidays

Hotels do operate during the holidays but some resorts don't.  So you need to ask them first and foremost.  They deserve a Christmas break and New Years break, too!


Don’t play holiday music

Yeah, its August and you are having your wedding day on a holiday but that doesn't mean you need to play a Filipino folklore song to entertain the guests!  It is your wedding, not a school program.  You don't want them remembering your wedding to be like that.

Expensive hotels and plane tickets

We are all aware that holiday is also considered as a pick season, but it depends on what holiday it is.  Hotel prices and plane tickets are more expensive during this time and your guests may not be able to afford it.  They love you but spending too much for a weekend holiday? They would rather lie in their couch and watch Netflix.


Don't choose Christmas, they will hate you!

If you want many visitors then don’t choose Christmas!  It’s rude!  People are supposed to feel the spirit of Christmas by unwrapping their presents, going to their hometown to celebrate it with their parents and just enjoy the holiday.  Do not steal it from them.  Its the most awaited time of the year because you get to spend it with your family.  If you don't want them to hate you, don't you dare try!

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