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Popular Color Schemes for Your Wedding

Jun 30, 2017

Now that he popped the question, it’s time to get the wedding planning started. With so many things in your to-do list, one of the first few things you should decide on is your wedding color scheme.

To help you out, here are wedding color trends you could look into:

All White

Photo by: Michael Ruiz Event Styling

Using white may have been used a little way too much but there is no denying that this choice of color is fail-proof. You can never go wrong with an all-white wedding. It is the perfect color to go for if you want a wedding that’s timeless, classic, and elegant.


Photo by: Printsonalities

This color screams elegance and royalty while keeping a relaxed and very delicate vibe. While lavender is mostly associated with spring, there is no law that says you can’t use it for the other time of the year. In fact, this can be ideal for a December or winter-themed weddings, or for a beach wedding during the summer.


Photo by: 12 Masters Photography

Nothing is more graceful than a soft shade of pink. Just like lavender, this color is perfect for a wedding any time of the year. Blush is versatile and goes well with just about any other color for a two-toned color scheme. Also, it’s so easy to incorporate with the details on your big day, like the bridesmaids’ dresses or the floral decors.

Dark Hues

Photo by: Seda Atria Hotel

Here’s another palette option that can, without any fail, make your wedding look glamorous and dramatic yet have a touch of elegance. It might not be a popular option for many but you can use it to your advantage. Stand out from the rest of the brides by choosing shades which are dark and bold!


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