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Prettiest Ways to Decorate Your Wedding With Candles

Jul 9, 2018


You typically look for many things when decorating your wedding, but we’re just going to lay this out right here: Candlelight is an absolute must in all kinds of wedding events. Wedding candles are the secret to any successful event as mentioned by wedding planning extraordinaire Rebecca Gardner.  


The reason for this is that people find it a lot more fun to dance around a dimly lit room. While most people attend weddings for the sake of having fun, there’s one more reason why a lot of people are head over heels for candlelights - the look. Here are some proof of how candlelights can turn a wedding look around.

Candelabras Placed on the Tables

From what we’ve learned in our years in the wedding industry, whatever look you want for your wedding, whether it is formal or casual, candlelights can be your best friend.


Just look at how mesmerizing and ceremonial these candelabras can make these tables look all at the same time.

Hanging Votive Candles in Geometric Orbs

It just takes a bit of imagination to give candlelights a new demeanor. Candlelight hung on geometric orbs can make the most ordinary setup look romantic.


Imagine a simple industrial venue, decorated with only a couple of herbs. Put some hanging votive candles, you’ll have a romantic venue that any bride will die for.

Simple White Candles

Has anyone told you that light is what brings life to the party?


You may have accidentally assembled a dark and moody venue, but with the help of some simple candlelights, you will be able to give your venue a makeover.

Pillar Candles

Too much is never good, but in the case of more candles, the plan can actually work. Putting pillars of candles in the table can give off a ceremonial yet elegant look for the wedding.


Candlelights may be a simple ornament, but when used it in different perspectives, it can also turn into a different angle of a wedding decoration.


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