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Proper Order of the Wedding Entourage for the Wedding March

May 21, 2018


With all the things you need to do, you may potentially forget about other important things you need to plan for, such as the proper order of the wedding entourage. Even though wedding dresses and themes are usually the things that every bride needs to prepare for, one should not underestimate the contribution of a perfectly choreographed wedding march for the wedding entourage.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we want you to ditch your other appointments to deal with the wedding march preparation. However, having years of experience in wedding planning, we at BG Bridal Gallery have realized that a nicely choreographed march contributes a great deal to the overall quality of the wedding


The thing with wedding marches is that it depends on the type of wedding that you plan to organize. Read on for a basic idea of how wedding marches should be depending on the kind of event you have.

Christian Wedding Ceremony

What usually happens in a Christian wedding ceremony is that the father escorts the bride as they march down the aisle. However, the father only gives her daughter away as soon as he reaches his seat. Here is a basic picture of what a Christian wedding ceremony is supposed to look like.

First, the officiant stands at the altar. Then, the best man and groom enter by the side door and walks to the altar. To highlight the groom, too, though, they usually enter through the main door in local ceremonies. The groom is usually followed by his parents.

The ushers (or groomsmen) and bridesmaids start marching in pairs. Each pair of principal sponsors walk down the aisle next (this usually doesn't happen in Christian wedding ceremonies abroad, by the way). The matron of honor then walks to the altar by herself. She is followed by the coin and bible bearers. The ring bearer follows suit with the flower girl/s behind.


Lastly, the father (and mother, which brides opt for locally) marches with the bride on his right arm. The tradition now is for the bride to have a grand entrance first, and then, she meets her parents in the middle of the aisle and walks with them from there.

At the altar, the bride should be on the left side while the groom should be on the right side (both facing the officiant). Besides the groom is the best man, and on the right are the ushers and ring bearers. Meanwhile, the maid of honor stands beside the bride, along with the flower girls and bridesmaids to her left. In a Catholic wedding ceremony, the wedding entourage members are all seated instead of standing at the altar.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Jewish wedding ceremonies may vary due to the different sects, but all the same, they follow an underlying order. At the altar stands the cantor and the Rabbi. The grandparents of the bride march to the altar followed by the groom’s grandparents. The ushers move with their pairs to the altar, followed by the best man, but by himself this time.

The groom then walks to the altar with his parents—his father on the left arm and his mother on the right. The bridesmaids then start walking in pairs, while the maid or matron of honor follows suit. After the ring bearer and flower girls march individually, it’s now the turn of the bride with her parents on opposite sides.


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