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Pros And Cons of Getting Married During Off-Season

Feb 27, 2018

First and foremost, how can you tell that it's already off-season?  It always varies on the weather and the holidays.  The weather has a large impact on hotel and plane tickets, so does in wedding, too!  If you're considering on getting married during the off-season but is still on research, let us help you decide! Here are some pros and cons if you're getting married during off-season.

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·         Cheaper price

Hotels and plane tickets will cut down their prices, and may even offer you some promos!  This is because tourists seldom visit and travel into different places during the rainy season and they need to make some money to get by.  That is why there are several promos during this season.

·         Few outsiders

Since it's off-peak season, there will be few outsiders in your wedding, too!  This means you can enjoy the place with your family and friends without worrying if it will be too crowded.

·         It will be cozy

You don’t have to worry about your guests getting hot and sweaty because at this time of the year, it will be cold and cozy.  You can walk around without opening your UV-blocker umbrella. 

·         Amazing lighting

Unlike during the scorching summer heat where lighting is too blinding, shooting during this season will be amazing.  You can even take creative shots under the rain!  Trust us, it will be romantic and one of a kind!

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·         Few selections of flowers

Most of the flowers bloom during spring and summer that's why there will be few selections during this time of the year.  If you luckily find your favorite, it might be expensive!

·         Unexpected Storms

if you're going to get married on a rainy season, it might be the reason why flights and hotels are cheaper.  Always check the forecast and hope for a sunny day!

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