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Pros and Cons of Honeymoon Outside Of the Country

May 11, 2018

Planning for the Honeymoon

One of the questions that a lot of couples usually ask when it comes to planning their honeymoon (or many-moon for that matter) is, do they go outside of the country or do they stay in the country and go to a different state or city? Most couples prefer to have it outside of the country, but is that the best option? This article will dive deeper into the pros and cons of honeymoon outside of the country. A lot of couples before usually have their honeymoon right after the wedding reception has ended. A lot of movies have portrayed this scenario, where the bride and groom, all dressed comfortably, are running out of the venue towards a car that’s waiting to take them to the airport to start their trip. Nowadays, a lot of couples are delaying their honeymoon for days, weeks, even months. The reasons for doing this vary, as some do it because of budget constraints, others because of work, while some want to take a break first before going on the honeymoon.

Regardless of the reason, one of the beauties of delaying the honeymoon for a lot of couples is that it allows them to plan it thoroughly without worrying too much about the budget or time. And most, if not all, of these couples, usually plan for a honeymoon destination out of the country.

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The Cons of Honeymoon Outside of the Country

We’ll first talk about the reasons why planning for honeymoon places outside of the country is not a good idea.

More Expensive

Probably one of the most apparent reasons why it is not a great idea to have a honeymoon destination internationally is that it is costly. The airfare alone, especially if it is booked close to the date of departure can already cause an arm and a leg. Most couples won’t have the budget yet for a honeymoon out of the country, even if they waited months after the wedding. The wedding in itself is already a costly endeavor, and most couples would need at least six months or more to recover from the financial strains (it can even be longer for couples who incurred debt).

It Takes Too Long

Another problem of having a honeymoon destination outside the country for most couples is that it will consume a lot of days, weeks, or even months. For a lot of couples, taking weeks or months off is not possible. This is especially true if the honeymoon will be taking place a few months after the wedding. The wedding itself has probably already taken several days or weeks off from the allowable leave of the couple, so another couple of weeks off is likely not possible within the same year. And since it costs a lot to go out of the country, the couple won’t make their money worth if they will stay for a few days to avoid taking too much time off from work. Even self-employed couples don’t usually have the luxury of taking too many days off from their business, as it can probably have a negative impact on the client base that they were able to establish already.

No Paperwork and Language Barriers to Worry About

Lastly, having the honeymoon place outside of the country means that there will be more paper works to worry about. So there’s making sure the passport has not yet expired or is not about to expire. There’s also applying for Visa, for countries that require them. Then there’s also the language barrier problem, as not all countries in the world speak fluent English. So these are just some of the cons that the couple should consider.

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The Pros of Choosing a Honeymoon Place Outside of the Country

Now that the cons of having the honeymoon destination internationally have been discussed, it is time to talk about the pros.

Learn About Different Culture

Probably one of the best encounters that a couple can get when they have their honeymoon destination outside of the country is that they will get to learn about the different culture of the country they went to. It allows them to have a first-hand experience of what it is like to immerse in that culture. Experiencing the culture of a different country first hand can also provide the couple with a great experience that they cannot get from watching TV or reading books.

They Can Focus On Each Other

Since their honeymoon destination will be taking place thousands of miles away, there will be little to no distraction at all for the newlyweds. There will be less time for the couple to worry about their home, their work, and so on. This will allow them to focus on each other and enjoy the moment of being officially husband and wife.

Traveling to a Different Country is a Romantic Adventure

Having the honeymoon in a different place will be an adventure for the couple. Even if they have already toured the country already, it will be the first time they will do it as husband and wife. So it will likely still be a new experience for them. Being in a different country is also a romantic moment for the couple. Thousands of miles away from family and friends, traveling to a different and exotic place with only the two of them alone, what can be more romantic than that?

They Can Have a Unique Experience Together

Another great thing about having the honeymoon destination outside the country is that it will be a unique experience for the couple. Immersing in a different culture, trying out a new dish, going to unfamiliar places, will be an adventure for the couple, especially if the country they went to is something they both haven’t gone to yet. It will be a great way to observe their honeymoon, having new and unique experiences together as a couple. It is also an excellent way to start their life as husband and wife, as they are sharing a new experience and building good memories together. This unique experience and creating memories together, is really what will make the honeymoon destination outside the country worth it.

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There is not much of a hiatus when it comes to the number of pros and cons in having a honeymoon destination outside of the country. It is costly, time-consuming, and can be a hassle arrange and plan. But if they factor in the experience, the couple will have, and the memory that they can make together, not to mention the things they can also learn about the country and each other, all of the money spent and the stress and hassle they experienced in planning it will all be worth it. As a couple, it is more critical for them to be making memories and experiencing things together, instead of just dreaming about it and not making it happen. These great and unique experiences are really what will keep the couple together, even during the hardships and trying times. So for couples who are thinking of having their honeymoon destination outside of the country, they should go for it. The experiences they will have been worth it.

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