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Pros and Cons of Marrying your Best friend

Feb 28, 2018

The moment we learned about love is the moment we started looking for “the one”.  It is funny how after all these years, after going through a lot of breakups and heartaches, you find yourself falling in love with someone who has been there with you through it all.  And then you realize that “the one” you have been searching for is just right in front of you all these years! 

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You know how to handle each other

Especially when things get worse!  Your best friend knows the negative side of you and he/she knows how to calm you down, the right words to say and how to make you smile again.  Because they have been doing it since you became best friends.

You are comfortable with each other

Some relationships take some time for them to get comfortable with each other.  For example; farting in front of each other or telling them unimaginable disgusting things that you do.  When you marry your best friend you don’t have to adjust, you don’t have to worry about what they think.

You already know each other’s family

One of the best things about marrying your best friend is that you don’t have to worry if your parents will like them or not because they already like them right from the start!  You already have established a good relationship with them and their siblings.

·         You know each other’s circle of friends

This is always an issue to relationships because they don’t know each other’s circle of friends.  He might be jealous of this guy, she might be jealous of this girl.  But if you already know each other’s circle of friends and you have been introduced to them since God knows when there is only a small chance of jealousy.

·         You have a strong foundation

Relationships easily fall apart if they don’t have a good foundation, especially if they did not start as friends.  You will easily lose each other.  But if you and your best friend fell in love, we can assure you that you have a strong foundation, no matter how many storms will come in your way.

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What to work on to make your relationship exciting

Because you have experienced almost everything together.  From camping to cooking, road trips to painting, you name it.  He/she is the go-to person when you want to explore or discover new things.

Talking to him/her as your friend

Nothing beats having your husband/wife as your best friend. Knowing that all your secrets are safe, all your deepest thoughts are sealed with trust. But it is quite a challenge to ask for an advice when the argument is between husband and wife. Learn how to be objective to understand each other's feelings and needs. Remeber, don't let your emotions run wild. Tame it, so you can have a decent conversation with your significant other. 


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