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Pros and Cons of Moving Together Before Getting Married

Feb 21, 2018

If you are thinking about moving in with your longtime partner because you are now independent and you are sick of eating breakfast alone.  Check this out first before making a big step so will not regret any of your decisions later on.  We will share with you all the Pros and Cons of living together.

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•    Paying the bills will be much easier.  If you are paying 8,000 for your rent, it will be cut in half.  Same goes for the electric, water and internet bill.

•    You will get to know each other really well.  How he/she acts, how he/she gets mad, how he/she cooks.  It will be a training ground for both of you.

•    You will have a lot of sexy time. 

•    And it will feel like you are already married!  Sharing everything with your partner is fun.  You get to share the same blanket, chips, mugs, and everything under the sun.

•    You don’t have to say goodbye ever again because you are already living under the same roof.

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•    Cosigning is very risky.  Just think what will happen if your relationship didn’t work out the way you wanted it to.  Who will get to stay in the apartment/house?

•    Money issues are inevitable especially if one of you is earning bigger than the other.  You need to discuss this before anything else.

•    There will be less excitement after getting married because you are already living together.

•    Your quality time will be reduced.  Sounds ridiculous, eh?  But that’s true.  One of you will say that you get to see each other every day so why bother wasting money on eating a fancy dinner outside.  Ladies and gents, lying on the same bed at night isn’t quality time.  Talk about this!

•    Some people are having a hard time letting go their single life.  It means that they are not matured enough to think that someone is waiting at home.

•    You can’t go home when you had a big fight because, duh, you are living under the same roof!


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