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Pros And Cons You Need To Know Before Proposing On Valentines Day

Feb 13, 2018

In just a few more days it'll be Valentines Day. If you have decided that you are going to pop the question on the most romantic day of the year, you might want to know the pros and cons that come with it.  So without further a due, here it is.



·         It will not be obvious

Your girlfriend will just be expecting a romantic dinner or a bouquet of flowers on her desk at the office.  This will be the last thing that she will expect you to do.  So if you want to really surprise her, it will work hundred percent!  Just remember not to spill any details!

 ·         There will be valentines day decors 

When we enter the first week of February we will feel the month of love has taken effect because love decors will be all over the place.  Hence, decors will not be a problem!

 ·         You will not forget the date

For those guys who are constantly forgetting some special dates like the date when you first met or your anniversary, this is the ultimate solution to your problem!  Proposing on a holiday makes the moment unforgettable and so easy to remember!

 ·         You can be creative

There will be a lot of romantic stuff in every corner of the online world, making it  a lot easier for you to look for props and gifts.  Get creative!  Maybe decorate your apartment with twinkling lights, candles and scattered rose petals on the floor and prepare a full meal. If you prefer doing a full-on dramatic scene, go for it! You surely can't go wrong.



·         It will not be easy to plan

It will be hard for you to reserve seats in restaurants especially if you planned it the last minute.  Many couples will choose to dine out and have a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant because they have been saving for this occasion.

 ·         It’s cliché

If you don’t pull it off properly it will be a cliché (unless this is her thing).  Refrain from talking about marriage if you are planning to propose.  This should be applied everytime a man decides to ask her girl for her hand in marriage.  Don’t ruin the surprise.

 ·         Don’t feel pressured

If you just want to propose but you are not yet ready for your future obligations and responsibilities, one advice, don’t do it.  Don’t be pressured just because you don’t have any romantic surprise for your girl you’d rather propose to cover it.  Propose at the right time.

 ·         You will not have privacy

If you are planning to propose on a high-end restaurant or inside the cinema you will have too many audiences snapping photos and recording videos at you.  You will also be the talk of the town.  But if you want the world to know, then go for it!

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