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Quick Guide on How to Introduce Your Parents and In-laws

Jan 24, 2018

Whether they have already met when you were just dating it is important to introduce them to each other again (if they are not amigos and amigas).  This is the ideal time for your parents and his parents to know each other, too!  Getting married mean joining of two families together so if you have some question in mind that doesn’t have an answer yet about this matter, read on!


1.       Introduce them to each other right away

Do not wait until the last minute!  Somehow our parents would like to have a chat with our in-laws to be, too.  So they will have a peace of mind that their daughter or son is in good hands.  The best way to introduce them to each other is after your engagement.  Invite them to lunch or dinner and remember to keep things casual.

2.       Divorced parents

If the bride’s parents are divorced set up a dinner with the groom’s family, it is up to you if you will introduce your dad first or your mom.  Introducing them separately lessens awkward situations.  But if they are in good terms and you know that there won’t be any mishap, ask them to join the dinner together.

            3.       Give them a little heads up

Tell them your in-laws' hobbies, job, College they went to and things that they may need to start a conversation.  Your parents and in-laws will always find a common ground for them to talk to and to laugh at!  So prepping them with some information will be a big help.


4.       Avoid these topics

Politics and religion, these topics can start a debate or worse, even war!  If you want to have a nice family dinner without anyone shouting and telling their beliefs, avoid these topics.  Or if you already know that it is getting there, steer the conversation.  These topics should be avoided not just when you are about to introduce your parents to your in-laws but also for the sake of your job and friendship, too!  Not everyone is on the same side as you do. 

5.       It is okay if they didn’t get along at the first meeting

Not every one of us gets comfortable after the first meeting, so understand your parents if they didn’t somehow get along.  Maybe they are just shy and they need a few more chats or meetings.  Not all parents are good at conversing with people. They get awkward moments, too!  So don’t worry. 

6.      Pay the bill

You and your fiancé should pay the bill.  At this point in time you are now independent enough to pay for your parents' meal, do not let them pay the bill.  Discuss this with your fiancé before asking them out for dinner so both of you won’t have to fight on who’s going to pay.

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