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Quick Guide: Wedding Registry Etiquette

Feb 16, 2017

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So you and your fiancé have decided to sign up for a wedding registry. That’s great! Not only will it give your guests the ease and convenience on getting you gifts, you’ll be sure that you’re going to receive the things you absolutely need and want.

But there’s more to wedding registry than just merely completing your wedding wish list. There are a bunch of etiquettes that you have to observe to get this whole thing right. Here are some of them:

1. Register early.

Don’t wait too long to complete your list. Many couples make the mistake of doing this last in their wedding planning. It’s actually highly recommended to get this task done at least six months before your wedding. Not only will you get to tick this right off of your list, you’ll give your guests more time to pick the right items to give you from the list.

2. Register at multiple stores.

There is certainly no rule that states you have to register at one particular store only, especially when a certain item you want  is available someplace else. Having two to four stores is the most ideal; you can mix the stores with big names and the smaller local stores for more variety.

3. Read the fine prints.

As mentioned earlier, wedding registry is not just about scanning items and adding certain things to your wish list; there are also certain technicalities and terms involved. So take your time to read everything before you sign anything.

4. Register non-traditional items.

Since time immemorial, guests gift the newlyweds with things that are useful to help them “build their nests.” While it’s expected that you register the usuals like china, glassware, and kitchen appliances, you can always shake things up! Feel free to register other stuff that spikes your interest.

5. Don’t forget to send Thank You notes.

As part of your wedding planning, also prepare Thank You cards for everyone who came to your wedding and for their precious gifts. Though if you can send one that’s handwritten and personalized to each and every one of your guests, then all the better.

Now that you know the basic etiquette in wedding registry, you can now happily complete your list!

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by Andria

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