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Registry 101: 5 Things You Can Get For Couples Who Already Lives Together

Jan 12, 2018

Giving a present is a lot of challenge especially when they already have everything!  If you are running out of ideas to give to the soon-to-be newlyweds who are already living together for the past few years, we got your back!  We have gathered some things that they might already have but you can do an upgrade to it.

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1.       Customized items

Give them customized items.  We are sure they don’t already have a Mr. and Mrs. bedsheets, bathroom towels or coffee and wine cups.  This is a great addition to their collection.  They are going to need these items, too, soon if they have to throw some stuff.

 2.       Tickets

Plane tickets for new adventures is a gift anyone would love!  Newlywed couples will surely make time for some quality time after the wedding so giving them plane tickets is so worth it!  If you are that close to them you already know their dream places to go, don’t make things hard for you!  Or another “ticket” you can give them is a concert ticket.  This is just applicable if their favorite band will be having a concert months after the big day.

 3.       Outdoorsy Stuff

If the couples are outdoorsy meaning they love to hike, bike, kayak and other adventures that requires strength and sweat give them things that are essential to it.  Like hiking bags or shoes, luggage, tent, camping materials and first aid kids that they might not even have even though they hike most of the time.

imagePhoto by We Do Weddings, copyright by EP Studios

 4.       Hi-tech Items

There will be a high-tech item from then and there because technology evolves every single day.  The couple might not have a budget to buy a high-tech speaker for their house because they need to put their money on wedding expenses.  Buying high-tech items will not be their top priority right now but it will be after the wedding, so giving this is a perfect idea!

 5.       Cash or Check

If you know that the two already have everything like they have enough money to buy this and that, be on the latest trend of appliances and outdoor stuff.  Giving them a check or cash on their wedding day is not a bad idea at all.  They can put this money straight into their savings account!  After all, they spent a lot of money for their wedding.

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