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Relationships 101: Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

Aug 24, 2018

Going through a hard breakup can feel like the end of the world.

Even a clean slate breakup will still leave a mark.

Unfortunately, your ex-boyfriend doesn’t just vanish from the face of the earth right after a breakup.

No one likes it when someone reminds them of a failed relationship.

Your ex will appear during the most awkward moments anyway - when you’re in your pajamas, on a date, on an MRT ride, you name it.

Then again, failure is also the best teacher.

Instead of being afraid of running into each other, maybe you can stay friends with your ex.

We can all use a bit of positive energy. Let’s face it though. Not everyone can pull it off.

Sure, most exes are better off cutting out of your life for reasons that don’t even need stating.

Still, some of them will surprise you.

They can turn out to be the best people to come to for support.

Staying friends with your ex-boyfriend have its plus and minuses though.

Weighing the pros and cons can help you out in a ton of ways.

When Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

1. You Still Care For Him

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Some people say that falling in love is hard, but we think trying to unlove a person is much harder.

Some people still care for each other, even after a breakup.

They trust each other still.

So, they decided to give each a second chance, not as lovers, but as friends.

 2. You and Your Ex Have Kids


You should stay friends with your ex if it makes your life easier.

The best example is if you have children.

We know breakups can leave you in a lot of pain, but it’s even worse for your children.

They’ll get hurt when the two of you break up.

They’ll be even more devastated if they see that you’re no longer talking to each other.

This may leave you thinking about staying friends with your ex.

It can be a bit difficult at first.

Still, in the long run, the two of you will get used to having a family bonding time even though you’re no longer together.

3. You Want Fresh Perspective


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It’s not that your friends will actually lie to you.

They’d offer you complete honesty if they could.

The thing is they can’t because they don’t know you as well as your ex-boyfriend does.

It's not that your friends will actually lie to you.

They’d offer you complete honesty if they could.

The thing is they can’t because they don’t know you as well as your ex-boyfriend does.

Sure, your friends are some of the best people you’ve ever met.

They know you up to some degree.

They know things you never even share with your family.

Still, no one knows you best than the person who once loved you and you loved him back.

Maybe you’re already in a new relationship and you need some advice.

Your ex is probably the best person to come to for advice.


He is the only one who knows what it’s like to date you.

Sure, your friends would always be there to support you.

They'll be by your side all the way.

Yet, sometimes you want someone who can be truly honest with you and that someone is your ex.

Besides, you don’t really want to throw away all the time and effort you invested in your relationship.

If you can’t maintain your relationship.

At the very least, you can stay friends with your ex.

4. You’re Trying To Be Nice


Sometimes you don’t mean to hurt anyone.

It just happens.

You meet new people and suddenly, you’re no longer in love with the same person.

Unfortunately, while you did find someone to share a new love with, you’ll have to leave someone behind.

You don’t feel so good about hurting someone’s feelings so you end up telling him that you just want to be friends for now.

It’s not for everyone, though.

There are people who would burn up once the words “we can still be friends” pops up.

You just have to weigh whether he’s a person who would appreciate staying friends after a breakup.

5. Practical Reasons

Sometimes what drives you to stay friends with an ex is your need to do so.

Maybe you belong in a family of businessmen and your ex-boyfriend happens to be one of your family’s connections.

So, you do it not only for civility but also possible association in the future.

Maybe you’re in the same organization or company and you need to act in a professional manner at all times.

With that, you decided to stay friends with your ex.

There’s no telling how long relationships like this are going to last.

Yet, it usually ends in positive outcomes. 

When Should You Cut Ties Completely?

1. You Haven’t Moved On Yet


Staying friends with your ex is a smart move, but it’s not an obligation.

If you still have feelings for him, staying out of each other’s way would be the best move.

Trying to stay friends with your ex in this case, might make things more complicated.

Eventually, when you’ve both moved on, becoming friends might come naturally.

For now, you might want to give each other some space.

 2. No One Expects You to Befriend Your Ex

Some people managed to pull this off. Yet, it rarely happens.

Decide to ditch a party you're ex is in and no one would even find it surprising.

One of the reasons it’s hard to stay friends with your ex is because ex-lovers aren’t always on the same page.

You might be willing to stay friends with your ex, but there’s no telling if he feels the same way.

Perhaps he is still devastated with the breakup and has even ill feelings toward you.

3. Someone Might Get Jealous


Let’s say you already moved on.

How do you think that will affect your new relationship if you’re friends with your ex?

Some boyfriends are cute when they’re jealous, but that may wither if it’s about an ex.

Nothing wrong with staying connected.

Still, it's better to remain casual instead of staying friends with your ex.

You know from your recent breakup that heartbreaks are no laughing matter.

This is your chance to start anew.

Take good care of it.

You can still talk to your ex, but if it triggers jealousy from your new love, you might as well cut ties.

4. You’re Only Doing It For The Sake Of Social Harmony

It happens.

There’s someone you get along quite well with.

In fact, you’re the closest among the squad.

He doesn’t look so bad either.

So, one day the two of you got together, but like all things, even the best relationships have an ending.

Since you don’t want to leave an awkward vibe in the squad, you think staying friends with your ex is the best decision.

It’s noble.

Yet, you're not obliged to stay friends with your ex, especially if you just don't want people to say anything.

You'll be running across your ex from time to time.

If you want to stay friends you should be okay with seeing him one way or the other.

Your friends are going to love it when they find out you're willing to stay friends with your ex just for them.

Still, we’re pretty sure they’d want you to move on first.

They’ll understand if you want to decline invites from time to time.

5. You Just Feel Lonely

Some people can move on a lot easier than most people.

Yet that doesn’t mean they don’t feel even a bit lonely the first time around.

We’re all the same when it comes to breakups.

We can feel lonely.

This can result in an on-and-off relationship with your ex.

Yet, we don’t think it’s a good idea.

Think about it.

You wouldn't have tried to break up with him without reason.

If you just want to get back with him due to some missed intimacy, there are much better ways.

For instance, spending time with friends and family will help you get the company you need while you move on. 

Should You Stay Friends With Your Ex?

Deciding whether to stay friends with an ex or call the whole relationship quits is a tough decision.

After all, there’s a big difference between being friendly and being friends.

There’s a fine line between friends and acquaintance. Friendships take time to develop.

There's no need to rush things for a friendship to evolve between you and your ex.

One day it's going to happen but only if the two of you are in the right emotional place to be friends.

Staying friends with your ex might be a good idea and you should let time take its course.

The most important thing at this point is to find the right reasons to stay friends with your ex.

The right time, the right reasons - that's what it takes to stay friends with your ex. 

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