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The Duties Of The Maid of Honor And Bridesmaid

May 11, 2018
Choosing the Bridal Entourage

Choosing who will be part of your wedding entourage is basically one of the most exciting things about being a bride following the wedding planning. It also happens to be one of the most important, evidently because of the things the entourage are expected to do.

When deciding who to choose as part of your wedding entourage, some friends and relatives will try to win over some of the decision making. Even your best friends who you always have had a one mind with, will suddenly have conflicting opinions. The going will get tough, but you know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. 

It's time to get going with choosing your wedding entourage, starting with the maid of honor and bridesmaids. Let's review some of the most crucial roles of the latter to help you decide in your selection.

The Role and Duty of the Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor is usually seen in most pictorials, but her role actually goes beyond that.  Being the maid of honor also means being the bride's  assistant, confidante, extension, and emotional support.


The Top Bridesmaid

People usually say "bridesmaid" and "maid of honor" in separate sentences, but the maid of honor actually serves as the leader of the bridesmaids. She takes the charge in ensuring each bridesmaid knows their roles, attend  the rehearsals, go to dress fittings, attend the bridal shower and other pre-wedding parties. The maid of honor also makes sure that all the bridesmaids are present inthe photo shoot and video coverage. She is the right-hand woman of the bride, whose job includes ensuring the bridesmaid are updated and are well coordinated.

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The Bride’s Assistant and Witness

On top of everything, the maid of honor is also expected to be the bride's assistant during the wedding. Her central role is to try and make things easier for the bride. She’ll help the bride get dressed, gather her things, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

While the couple exchange vows, the maid of honor is expected to hold on to the flowers as well as the wedding ring.  She will also be the one to adjust the bride’s veil, collect the envelopes, help prepare for the honeymoon, and so on. It's also important for the maid of honor to have some tissue on hand in case the bride feels emotional later in the event. 

Be the Emotional Support

Planning and preparing for the wedding is an exciting feat, not just for the bride but also for one's friends and family. They are all going to be there for the bride from the beginning until the end of the celebration. Still, the bride will still feel the traction at times. As always, the maid of honor will come to the rescue. 

The bridesmaid does not necessarily have to be like a detective and solve all the bride's problems. She only needs to be there when the need arises. 

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The Person who Usually Becomes Maid of Honor

Brides often choose their best friend or sister as the maid of honor. Being the maid of honor holds lots of responsibilities and duties. With that, the one to portray this role has to be someone who is close to the bride's heart. She should be someone who is willing to support and help the bride at all times. 

The Roles and Duties of the Bridesmaids

The duties of the bridesmaids are a bit light compared to the maid of honor but the roles they portray are just as crucial.  For one, they assist  the maid of honor in planning the bridal shower or bachelorette party. They can also help the bride and maid of honor when they go out to shop for a dress or send out wedding the invitations.



Just to reiterate, the bridesmaids and maid of honor portray roles that are essential for the overall success of the wedding. With that, brides are often picky with selecting their wedding entourage. With all the duties and responsibilities placed in the hands of the entourage, we suggest that the bride choose people that are close to her so that the entourage will be able to handle the obligation that will soon be theirs. 

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