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The Ultimate Guide After Getting Engaged

Nov 3, 2017

We all get a little frantic because we don’t have any idea on what to do after getting engaged or we have a lot of ideas that we didn’t know where to start!  Are you one of those who has not been planning anything yet or you feel like you are missing something?  We have collected 10 of the best tips you can follow! Just keep reading.

Get your ring resized if needed

After putting the ring on it you need to make sure that it fits perfectly!  You don’t want a wiggly ring in your finger.  And do not worry about your fiancè, trust us, he will totally understand!  After all, ring sizes can be really hard to guess.


Set a timetable

This is very important!  Making a planner makes you on track, it keeps you from getting juggled up with schedules.  An organized timetable will save your time and you don’t have to cancel important meetings on the last minute.

Set and Save

Set your budget and start saving!  Just like when you first planned for your out of town trip, although this requires a big amount of money.  If your fiance haven’t saved any money, you can both save together to lessen the expenses.  Do not rely on him throughout the wedding, remember it is your wedding. Not his and his alone.


Set a Date

Setting a date makes your goal more realistic even if it is just a temporary date.  At least you know when to finish things, having a deadline makes projects on time.  And if you make an adjustment, both of you are ready.

Get a wedding planner

Having someone to join you in planning for your big day is a big help! If you don’t know anyone who’s a wedding planner, well, BG Bridal Gallery has it for you! - you’re welcome!  A wedding planner has handled many weddings for God knows how many, you can even ask them to help you come up with an idea or a theme.  I can say, he/she will be your best friend until the end of the event!


Make a draft of the guest list

Most couples are arguing because of the guest list.  But most important of all, ask your parents for the specific people they want to invite.  You know your parents, they will sulk.  After listing everyone, you and your partner can cross out the people you don't think that needs to be there when you have to decide on the final number of guests.

Wedding Theme

There are numbers of wedding themes!  You just have to google if you have a specific theme in mind.  Having a wedding theme will help you choose your location, your wedding invitations and cake design and so on! So, you have to pick a wedding theme before anything else, okay?


It is very essential to pick a location ahead of time. Especially if the location you have chosen is a famous wedding venue.  Of course, you don't want to be wed there at the same time with a stranger.  We all want a private wedding, book as early as you can!


Start looking for your wedding dress

Ladies, let’s admit, after saying yes its the white dress that we can't take of our minds!  Read blogs, search for the latest trends! No one will stop you. So start looking for that white dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a kid!

Share the news

Don't forget to tell everyone about the good news!  We are sure that your family, relatives, colleagues and your dog/s are thrilled that you are going to open another chapter of your life.

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