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The Ultimate Guide To Filipino Wedding Processional Order

Mar 28, 2018


Admit it: You may have attended some weddings, but you still don’t know the processional order or have it memorized. We just don’t focus on it, and a lot of us are just excited to see the bride! Now that it is your turn to walk down that aisle as a bride or groom, let this article be your guide.

1. Best Man

He can either walk down the aisle or enter from a side door and stand at the altar.

2. Groom

The groom can walk alone or together with his parents (who will walk after him if they don't join his march).

3. Principal Sponsors

These are your godparents. A pair with a gentleman and a lady should walk together down the aisle. If someone doesn't have a partner, he or she can walk alone or with a bridesmaid or groomsmen. 

4. Secondary Sponsors

For Catholic weddings, the secondary sponsors carry the candles, the veil, and the cord.

5. Ring Bearer

A ring bearer is a male kid from ages four to seven. Here’s a tip: Never let your ring bearer have the real wedding rings because he might lose them! Your rings can be kept by your best man, and the bearer can carry dummy rings.

6. Coin Bearer

Just like the ring bearer, the coin bearer is male most of the time. Make sure that the coins are inside a safe container, such as a metal case or maybe a wooden or clear box.

7. Bible Bearer

Bible bearer are mostly boys, too! Their role is relatively easier than the other bearers. They just need to bring the Bible down the aisle. No need to worry about rings and coins that might scatter along the way.

8. Flower Girls

You can give flower girls a simple role: throw petals while they walk down the aisle, so when it is the bride's turn, the aisle will be lined with petals.

9. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

They are usually partnered up, but they can walk alone, too.

The bridesmaids and the female entourage members are seated at the left side of the church with the groomsmen and the male entourage members seated at the right side of the church.

10. Maid of honor

After double checking the bride’s look for the last time, the maid of honor is the second to the last to walk down the aisle. Note: A special herald bearer may also walk after her to signal the bridal march with a "Here comes the bride" sign. 

11. Bride

The bride usually enters the church alone, walks midway down the aisle (and gets us tearing up), meets her parents, and walks with them the rest of the way. This is the part where you need to get your tissues ready because the "giving away" part as the trio meets the groom and his parents is always an emotional and memorable scene at a wedding.

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