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Things to Keep in Mind When Being a Bridesmaid Begins to Suck the Life Out of Your Very Soul

Apr 27, 2018

Being a bridesmaid can be overwhelming and a pain in the butt sometimes because of the added responsibilities (especially if you’re the kind of girl who hates responsibilities). But what should you do if you have been chosen by your best friend/sister but you don't feel like it? Here's a quick tip on how you can make it up until the big day.

  1. You’re the Chosen One

Yep, you’re the Chosen One. The Girl Who Lived (through all the stress). Not everyone gets to be the Chosen One. It just so happens that you’re the chosen bridesmaid and it ain’t an easy job but we all know that it sure is a blessing. Here’s the thing, you were chosen as the bridesmaid because your main gal (shout out to the bride) trusts you, and that could actually be the greatest compliment out there. You’re a bridesmaid because you get things done, but more importantly, because you get things done right. Simply put, being a bridesmaid is a privilege, never forget that.


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  1. What do you say to the God of Failed Wedding Plans? Not today.

Do you ever have those moments in your life where you snap out of the haze and think, how in the world did I get here? Suddenly, you’re standing in a crowded room and the bride is on the floor, bawling her eyes out because she lost an earring 7 minutes before the wedding. Now, you’re on the patio, maxing out your call credits to ask the chef what is the exact time the cake will be arriving because nobody is giving you a definite answer. Now, you’re in the wedding reception talking to guests and explaining how the reception got moved to another room instead of what was originally written on the invitations.

It’ll get you down; the stress, the chaos. Those are the time’s when it will dawn on you how you got yourself into that situation. And more importantly, those are the times when you should know very well that your bridesmaid skills are only being tested. But get this, you’re Arya Stark of Wedding-bells. You look that God in the eye and say; Not today. Not this very day. You got this, and you’re here for a reason.


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  1. You can choose a task you’re actually good at

Sit down, get yourself together. Drink some water. When things start to go way out of hand and you don’t know how to begin to organize or fix things, then start by classifying the things you can and cannot control, it's important to have the wisdom to know the difference. Focus on the things that you can actually take control of and your capability of controlling them. If you feel like you are more adept at handling a certain situation than others, then take the lead action for it. Instead of focusing on other things you can’t control that will also only stress you out. It will help you narrow down your tasks effectively and lessen the stress.

  1. Raise the roof.

Keep in mind that this is a wedding, some moments can suck but it can never be that bad. Sit down, take a drink of that favorite alcohol, and enjoy the night. Because at the end of the day, you did your best and so did everyone. It could be a little crazy and it could sometimes suck the life out of you but remember; you’re a bridesmaid, and bridesmaids are built for chaos just as soldiers are built for war.

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