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Things You Must Keep an Eye on a Week Before Your Wedding

May 25, 2018

It is almost over! Almost, but not quite. It is a week before your wedding, and you can finally tie the knot. Yes, you can now be free from all the hassle and stress of wedding preparations. It is quite a journey, isn’t it? You definitely have grown in the process so pat yourself on the back because you did well. But, before we go all complacent, you still have to check some things before the Big Day. After months of preparation, you do not want things to go wrong now, would you? So, let see what more grooming we can do to make things go as smoothly as possible.


You probably heard this bazillion of times already, but here we go, details are important−no matter how small! You might be too busy looking at the bigger picture that you forget that it is made up of pixels. The film should be clear and not pixelated; take the best shot always. Look which angle looks best and look around to see if you can get better lighting. You see, it is a great analogy! It is the truth, though. Humor aside, these are something you might want to checklist before the main event. We are excited for you but let us celebrate that later!

Last Call for Reservations, Vendors, Entourage

You can’t go on with your wedding without those flower arches on the entryway, tables and chairs, souvenirs, and everything else you spent months planning for. Imagine the horror of not having a cake to slice? Worse, the reception you had a reservation for saved the wrong date and accommodated another event. We can’t even think of you walking down the aisle without your bouquet!


Meet up with your coordinator and go over with all the details. Make sure that you have called the vendors and confirmed the time of arrivals of the items needed. This will include the make-up team. You do not want your dolling up be rushed. The last thing you need on your wedding day is stress. Also, check with them if their materials are all set and run through again with the wedding hairdos you want your entourage to have. Everyone should look grooming and blooming! You got to love that alliteration.


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It is also the time to check with the people who haven’t confirmed their reservation yet. You need to know who is coming or not to finalize the headcount for your seating arrangements, hotel rooms, and reception. There should be enough food for everyone, right?

Do not forget to do last minute emails. See if there are still things to confirm. It will also be decent and kind to prepare tips for all the people who helped you with your wedding planning including the vendors.

Last Rehearsal Dinner
It would be nice for everyone to have a nice meal for one last time after general rehearsal. You may take this opportunity to thank your families for being with you through it all. A speech is not necessary because you got to save that and the tears for the Big Day, but a simple thank you and a good meal should be enough.


Also, you may want to ask some of your cousins or siblings to be your social media guru. You may want lots of pictures for remembrance. Ask them as well if they can use the wedding hashtag you prepare when they post. You should confirm too about the people giving the toast and let them know the timeframe of the affair, so they will be more at ease. Stage fright is real regardless of the occasion.


You may also want to fit your wedding dress and break in your shoes. It will make you more comfortable wearing it. However, you may not do so if you are following some traditions.

Last Sound Check

It is more romantic if you are your partner can make your own playlist for your weddings. What are the songs you want to hear playing as you make a toast or slice your cake? What music you want to play as you walk down the aisle and have your eyes just for each other?

Last Minute Packing

This packing should be both your wedding luggage and honeymoon bags. You do not want to stress out over this as well. If you have the honeymoon two days after the wedding, you might want to spend the morning after your wedding just chilling with your lifetime partner. Who wants to pack after a wedding, right?


Also, plan your post-wedding escape route. It can be the traditional carriage or a vintage car depending on your theme. Or perhaps you want to hail a cab in your wedding dress? That should be fun, too!


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Last Date as a Boyfriend-Girlfriend

A week before your wedding day, it is kind of romantic to go out and spend time together for the last time as a boyfriend and girlfriend. You can go to cinemas or to your favorite diner. You may talk about all the things you have been through and assure your partner that everything is going to be alright during the wedding and that you can’t wait to spend the eternity together. Cheesy and sappy as it may sound but this is probably one of the happiest and most exciting parts of your relationship. You may also want to buy gifts for each other again, for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend. This is the kind of ending that is not sad. Ah, love is fascinating, isn’t it?


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Last Weather Forecast Check

You may use different apps to check the weather forecast on your wedding day. This is important especially if you have it outdoors. What are the measures you have prepared in case it rains? This may sound a simple task, but it makes the whole day better. Here is to hoping that you get the sun’s blessing on your Big Day!

Last Prepping and Grooming

Before you may say “I do,” let us just say first that “you may now breathe.” It has been crazy, and you deserve to have a good rest! Treat yourself to a spa or just reward yourself with good night sleep. You also have to make sure you get that beauty rest before your wedding day. Stay hydrated always! Oh, before we forget, you must also check first with your work before you finally dive into leisure. Your duty and responsibility in the office is the last thing you need to worry about in the last week before your wedding.

Last but not the least is your marriage license. You want this to be legal, and it should be legal. It is the last thing you want to forget. The other stuff may be vital, but the license is the most superior. You can tie the knot with missing candles but not without your wedding license.


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You did well; you may now relax before the jitters come back on your Big Day. It is normal to have cold feet. You can be both nervous and excited at the same time!

And, yes, finally, this is the last week before you say “I Do” and “We now pronounce you husband and wife.” We can hear now the wedding bells!

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